Emergency powers, #earthquakeCalifornia; looting: Missouri (worst supertyphoon: Ph Pres not made aware, emergency powers)

The California governor declared a state of emergency a few hours ago in the aftermath of the magnitude 6 earthquake in northern California.

Last week, the Missouri governor declared a state of emergency due to the riots and looting.

      In November, when the strongest typhoon in recorded human history hit the planet and devastated  Tacloban,  the lawyers of the Philippine president forgot that he had emergency powers … (image from the U.S. government geological studies site; a few seconds of music from the movie theme “2012”; both used here non-commercially for academic purposes. This podcast plays automatically — you should be hearing it right about… now…)  

Fair, Foolish, or in a Fix (Media Monitor, Aug. 20-26)

Students may post their media monitor in their own platforms (Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, WordPress, etc) and paste the link in the comments section (click “Leave a Comment”),  or paste the paragraphs here (in the comments box). 

Rants will not be given any points. In your media monitor,please explain the ethical principle involved, either as good practices, ethical violations, or ethical dilemmas. Examples of ethical principles as discussed in class are: 

 – truthfulness, accuracy, contextualization

– independence

– minimizing harm

– accountability

     …. or the following provisions: 

Avoiding “improper emphasis”; “distortion of truth by omission”
Airing all sides to a conflict

  Correcting substantive errors

   Avoiding denigrating or   “degrading any person by reason of sex, creed, religion, belief, etc

   Being conscious of the presumption of innocence in crime stories or publishing/ airing an accusation


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