Ashtanga yoga classes at the #UPDiliman campus Wednesdays Tuesdays-Thursdays #universityofthephilippines

Ashtanga yoga classes at the U.P. Diliman campus Wednesdays Tuesdays-Thursdays  (photo from blog archives) Ashtanga yoga classes taught by world-renowned and internationally certified Ashtanga yoga teacher Jonathan Cagas will be held every Wednesday at 5:30pm- 7pm starting today March 29 at the UP College of Mass Communication M209 (organized by the faculty of the Center [...]


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WordPress Discover Challenge: "THE THINGS WE LEAVE BEHIND" at: The Things We Leave Behind the things we leave behind are literal interpretations of footshadows in the gravel  of  time (hwag ka magalit sa aking rhyme with apologies for the rhyme)   not like:  "...from the dark secluded valleys i heard the ancient sighs of sadness [...]

#Happy UN Int’l #WorldYogaDay today #NowPlaying #Playlist #OPM #RamaHari

Happy UN International World Yoga Day today (June 21)  My Yoga Playlist today: it's an OPM (original Pilipino Music), written by Bienvenido Lumbera from the libretto of  Rama Hari  performed here live by Kuh Ledesma in the 80s (the arrangement could be updated a little; less " synthetic electronic yamaha organ" and more real instruments... [...]

at the moment, from the northwest window, shot a minute ago

Shot a minute ago, from the northwest window, at the moment...  upon waking up, i do three very slow plough poses (warning: do not execute without having taken formal lessons from a certified ashtanga yoga teacher) on one's back, go to forward bend, then invert slowly go to a soft shoulderstand to ease feet over [...]