at least

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it’s easier to walk or to run

than to execute suryanamaskar  B

 warriors  2  in  motion:

 chaturanga, saluting the sun

(choose the motion that’s fun)

photo shows the ideal chaturanga mine isn’t one


(just get at least 30 minutes of continuous motion in your daily life —

     it should be a 30-minute non-stop continuous motion.

photo below shows bagong-kain

(had just swallowed a big meal),

hindi nag-workout, nag-selfie lang

(7th online selfie)

     Sitting is not motion…

    unless you’re lifting your body off the seat with your arms on armchair,  feet suspended in midair, continuously for 30 minutes.

    Being in bed is not motion…

    unless you’re on a sturdy bed executing plough pose, shoulderstand, then shoulder-raised deadbugs (at least 30 in 3 sets), crunches (at least 30 in 3 sets), planks (at least 1 min) to child’s pose to hero pose, continuously for 30 minutes.

   Yun lang. If you’re going to work or school everyday, this is fairly easy to incorporate in your life with walking and being in motion for at least 30 minutes. (losing weight is another matter: experts say the math there is: it is 70% decreasing the calories you are taking in. Bawasan o tanggalin ang kinakain na bad carbs tulad ng mga cake, starchy food like tinapay, suman, kanin (pwede ang brown rice at red rice) tanggalin matatamis na pagkain, matatamis na inumin tulad ng softdrinks, iced tea, etc. if you’re trying to lose weight or normalize your body mass index or bmi. Hindi kelangan maging payat, gawin lang normal ang bmi (for computation of bmi, type body mass index in my search bar on the search widget right side here)


(image credits: derived from a photo in PoserYoga, used here non-commercially for academic  purposes)