Ashtanga yoga classes at the #UPDiliman campus Wednesdays Tuesdays-Thursdays #universityofthephilippines

Ashtanga yoga classes at the U.P. Diliman campus Wednesdays Tuesdays-Thursdays 

(photo from blog archives)

Ashtanga yoga classes taught by world-renowned and internationally certified Ashtanga yoga teacher Jonathan Cagas will be held every Wednesday at 5:30pm- 7pm starting today March 29 at the UP College of Mass Communication M209 (organized by the faculty of the Center for Women’s Studies coordinated with CMC admin, and marichu)

i undertand that every Tuesday and Thursday also at 6pm, ashtanga yoga classes are  held at the Office of the University Registrar building Conference Room, U.P. Diliman, taught by internationally certified ashtanga yoga teacher Kristine “KQ” Quiray.

So… that’s: Tuesdays 6pm OUR;
Wednesdays 5:30pm CMC;
Thursdays 6pm OUR.
(except during the Holy Week)

Namasté 🌿 (ashtanga yoga greeting: translation: “i greet everything that is good in you”)

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WordPress Discover Challenge:


The Things We Leave Behind

the things we leave behind

are literal interpretations

of footshadows in the gravel  of  time

(hwag ka magalit sa aking rhyme

with apologies for the rhyme)

  not like:

 “…from the dark secluded valleys
i heard the ancient sighs of sadness
every step  i  thought of you
every   footstep   only   you

every star a grain of sand 



The leavings of a dried up ocean

Photo by Jan Lester Z. Lambino
Photo by Jan Lester Z. Lambino at age 11

(dried up ocean ba yan)

Tell me,

how much longer?


How much longer?”

                                 – Sting

#Happy UN Int’l #WorldYogaDay today #NowPlaying #Playlist #OPM #RamaHari

Happy UN International World Yoga Day today (June 21) An.Inversion

My Yoga Playlist today:

it’s an OPM (original Pilipino Music), written by Bienvenido Lumbera from the libretto of  Rama Hari  performed here live by Kuh Ledesma in the 80s (the arrangement could be updated a little; less ” synthetic electronic yamaha organ” and more real instruments… but i’m no expert 🙂 but maybe more violins and cello…)

      The lyrics are poetry, grand and gentle at the same time — it’s Bien Lumbera:

and the pose featured here is one of my favorite poses.

     inversion poses decompress my back: in the morning, upon waking up, i ease very slowly to three inversion poses… alternating with dead bugs-crunches as a concession to cardio, then end with child’s pose. i don’t do the standing up poses because i’m still asleep while doing the inversion poses, don’t judge me boo-hootulog pa ako sa plough 20 breaths (still asleep while in plough pose).

      This is for decompressing and pulling out the microscopic needles in the spine (see previous posts as a background on why i need these poses –just type “my favorite pose” in the search box to see the previous posts on this)

    then shoulderstand, then deadbugs-crunches 30 reps lang, don’t judge me, at least meron…

        back to plough 20 counts, shoulderstand, then pindasana or embryo pose then upside down lotus pose, then a little plough then last set of deadbugs-crunches 30, then child’s pose…

and i’m still asleep then until coffee… don’t judge me, i’m not a book cover

Shot a minute ago, from the northwest window, at the moment… IMG_20160118_045215

upon waking up, i do three very slow plough poses (warning: do not execute without having taken formal lessons from a certified ashtanga yoga teacher) on one’s back, go to forward bend, then invert slowly go to a soft shoulderstand to ease feet over the head for plough pose) staying long & breathing long in each– minutes long because i’m half-asleep when i do those, they’re for decompressing my lower back. As you might know by now, i have an over-arched back which creates a bubble of space in the lower back when lying on one’s back; i acquired it in high school, long story. The pose you see in the header of this site—  that’s slowly getting out of the plough pose.

   As a background:   i learned  to devise a daily mini, small regimen for personal needs after taking formal lessons. Try to get to know what your body needs.

 “Decompressing” for me is the procedure to slowly pull out the knife stuck at my lower back, metaphorically speaking, that is; that is to say, upon waking up, it feels like there’s a tiny open wound there but your mind knows it’s just nerve endings pinched by discs that need to be decompressed. Then, as a concession to cardio & core, or to raise my heart rate a little, i do combined crunch-dead-bugs, 30-30-40, one set alternating with the plough pose.  Then, i’m off to breakfast. But if i’m being a good girl, I’ll do 27 poses. Like…  maybe now. Good morning.

Save a prasarita, er, este, a prayer for me… (this pose is dedicated to the prayerful & progressive)


This pose is called prasarita padottanasana, or, according to  :

prasarita = stretched out, expanded, spread, with outstretched limbs

pada = foot

ut = intense

tan = to stretch or extend (compare the Latin verb tendere, “to stretch or extend”)” and asana means pose.

It is also called the “wide-legged forward bend”.

(warning: do not execute without having taken lessons from a certified ashtanga yoga teacher).

Prasarita  and the warrior poses, in my opinion/ experience, are the most structurally stable of the standing poses — it as stable as standing on  your two feet on any ordinary day, if not more stable, because your feet are at wide-angled stance: stable,  safe; there is no danger of toppling or tipping over while your feet are firmly planted on firm ground… (unless you abruptly get up from the pose and the sudden rush of blood makes you dizzy– don’t execute without learning movements in ashtanga classes.) 

(Now playing: “Save a Prayer” originally by Duran Duran; this is an acapella version, artists not indicated by uploader of the audio clip, pls click the audio clip embedded below if this is no longer on autoplay)

    This pose is dedicated to the prayerful † and progressive ∇ : Pray for a better future but don’t forget to prepare and preposition for that future ♥ 🙂


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