UPDATED. Devise your own daily 30-minuter pre- breakfast for healthy bones & muscles: You can do it, it’s easy

UPDATED. Devise your own daily 30-minuter pre-breakfast for healthy bones & muscles: You can do it, it’s easy
A 30-minuter before breakfast is easy …

    you can just stretch  while being quiet for 30 minutes.

      (the 30-minuter will not make you lose weight  : It’s for stronger bones and muscles. To lose fat, caloric intake must be decreased, i.e., decrease eating bad carbs like rice, cakes, white bread, cookies, junk food, etc.)

      Here’s my lame half-asleep 30-minuter before breakfast (seated poses  for the back, alternating with lifted-head deadbugs crunches, ending with five pushups lang hahaha, so lame).

   Warning: Consult your physician before embarking on any physical activity. 

     This does not comply with ashtanga yoga standards, it’s a personal easy routine before breakfast:

     Let’s do what’s what’s comfortable, safe, and easy based on what you like to do, like walking for 30 minutes, or sweeping the floor  for 30 minutes, climbing the stairs carefully for 30 minutes, pushups for 30 minutes, etc.


(seated poses ang mga ito kasi tulóg pa — these are seated poses due to still being half-asleep before breakfast, they’re what i can do while while easing in)

(file photos from archives)

    Dandasana or sitting still, half- asleep, to be quiet and pray… (simply sit straight with legs stretched straight in front)

(photo shows not dandasana but hero’s pose, just stretch out the legs for dandasana)


     (images for these poses are in this site, just type them in the search bar, if i have time, i will paste the images, i have to get to the pathway na kasi… thanks)

       Paschmattanasana or seated forward bend, five long breaths, to stretch lang

Halasana or plow pose 15 long breaths or more, to decompress the back

(a favorite pose, it pulls out the needles and pins out of the lower back)

Salamba sarvangasana, shoulder stand, to compress the stomach hahaha

     then …
Paripurna Navasana with deadbugs crunches, 30 reps, for abs na sana ma-compress ang taba ko 


   then ….
Supta konasana to decompress the back some more 

Janu sirasana A, to stretch the entire length of lower extremities and side of torso (i like this pose, it pulls out the small muscles, you can feel them like threads)

Paripurna Navasana with deadbugs crunches again (see video), 30 reps, for abs na sana at least maging strong ang core ko

    then …
Ardha Baddha Padmottanasana (bound half-lotus) seated to oil hip bones

Janu sirasana A again to stretch the entire length of lower extremities and side of torso ( i like the drawing out of the filaments of your sinews)       

Marichy C to stretch torso sideways (file photos as stated

(good for driving reverse, to make you turn your body 90 degrees to look at the back)

    then …
Paripurna Navasana with deadbugs crunches again (see video), 30 reps, for abs na sana magkaroon ako — in my dreams …

Baddaha konasana A and B to stretch inner thigh

Paripurna Navasana with deadbugs crunches again (see video), 40 reps, ayan, naka- total  100 deadbugs crunches na

Five pushups , so lame, hahaha

     And then  a vegetarian breakfast. 

    ( if you have breakfast meetings, however, you don’t have control over what’s being served)

at least

if on mobile device: Pls click “Listen in browser” on the soundcloud pod below to play…



it’s easier to walk or to run

than to execute suryanamaskar  B

 warriors  2  in  motion:

 chaturanga, saluting the sun

(choose the motion that’s fun)

photo shows the ideal chaturanga mine isn’t one


(just get at least 30 minutes of continuous motion in your daily life —

     it should be a 30-minute non-stop continuous motion.

photo below shows bagong-kain

(had just swallowed a big meal),

hindi nag-workout, nag-selfie lang

(7th online selfie)

     Sitting is not motion…

    unless you’re lifting your body off the seat with your arms on armchair,  feet suspended in midair, continuously for 30 minutes.

    Being in bed is not motion…

    unless you’re on a sturdy bed executing plough pose, shoulderstand, then shoulder-raised deadbugs (at least 30 in 3 sets), crunches (at least 30 in 3 sets), planks (at least 1 min) to child’s pose to hero pose, continuously for 30 minutes.

   Yun lang. If you’re going to work or school everyday, this is fairly easy to incorporate in your life with walking and being in motion for at least 30 minutes. (losing weight is another matter: experts say the math there is: it is 70% decreasing the calories you are taking in. Bawasan o tanggalin ang kinakain na bad carbs tulad ng mga cake, starchy food like tinapay, suman, kanin (pwede ang brown rice at red rice) tanggalin matatamis na pagkain, matatamis na inumin tulad ng softdrinks, iced tea, etc. if you’re trying to lose weight or normalize your body mass index or bmi. Hindi kelangan maging payat, gawin lang normal ang bmi (for computation of bmi, type body mass index in my search bar on the search widget right side here)


(image credits: derived from a photo in PoserYoga, used here non-commercially for academic  purposes)