Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) calls for & takes action for Free #MassTesting !!! Or “Drive-Through Testing” as a “massive undertaking”. May 9 Video from his home quarantine here. Heed, or be blasted.

Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) calls for and takes action for  Free #MassTesting !!! Or “Drive-Through Testing” as a “massive undertaking”. May 9 Video from his home quarantine here. Heed, or be blasted.

     From Robert Downey Jr. in typical Tony Stark fashion, says: “What is Job One right now is: Testing…massive undertaking… working with mayors and governors to set up Covid19 Drive-Through Testing centers …nationwide … Ok, sounds good blah blah blah, why is it worth it, why should we care… BECAUSE if we want our lives back, then we need to marry local governance and citizen involvement to meet the demand – We are not powerless to get this job done … by any stretch… hiring and training folks to run the testing sites… we need donations and volunteers … this is the… (country) that we love where we take action for our lives and communities and we invite the nation to do the same, I’m donating 50 grand ($50K or P2.5M) …this is about reclaiming our power …and making sure no one we lost is ever forgotten …”



(video credits: as stated in the video. Photo by Creative Commons License)

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At the moment…

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    wide bright roomful of laughter with no sound …

through clear glass panels —

  — i don’t know whose children’s birthday party this is —

   and then while looking at the beaming faces

   you tell yourself …


    there’s a pandemic,

      this   is   

         a    memory…

and that wakes you up.

   you go back 

   it’s still early.

   Soft sofa, sunlight

     streaming in 

     through feathery

    curtained windows,

   … waiting in a dental clinic

  with family members …

   looking at their soft smiles, 

     you tell yourself




     i’m not here on a cushion

     with family and friends in clear faces,

        there’s a pandemic…”


        you wake up …

craving for your childhood comfort food …

of fries and salt: Mommy peeling washed potatoes, slicing them into slivers…


     and fresh potatoes

     are firmer and more succulent.

         Your spirit continues to dream

       but your mind refuses to hope.