the center ( Cotton, our University college #watchdog ) #dogs #emotionalsupportanimals #emotionalsupportdog

 the center 

( Cotton, our University college watchdog), android-recorded today at dusk

     Cotton, our University college watchdog and emotional support animal of the University of the Philippines Diliman, likes to sit at the center of the three buildings that he free-ranges (he is semi-free-ranging) – see video where this is: It’s literally the center island of the triangle of roads that traverses the three buildings U.P. College of Mass Comm on the northwest side, U.P. College of Music on the northeast side, and the U.P. administration building (Quezon Hall) on the southeast side.
Why does he like to sit here? i don’t know.
Some people say it’s because Cotton enjoys attention: When you’re on this center island, you feel like all the cars are “looking” at you. Some people say it’s because it’s breeziest here as the wind rushes through here.
 Still,  it may not be safe for him to lounge on the very low “mound”.
      If a vehicle loses its brake, or if a driver/ cyclist/ motorbiker overspeeds and goes over the island, it’s not safe for him — for that matter, the campus is not safe for any species if there are irresponsible motorists.

   (click video below, android-recorded today at sundown)