Rushing from an 8am-1pm meeting: modern Filipiniana for under $20, accessorize with cat eyes & red lips

android-shot yesterday in the office Aug. 29, 2018:

      Rushed from an 8am-1pm meeting, straight, with a full working breakfast & working lunch with some smart people and good company (yes, oo, tumatabâ ko), then drove to the 2018 Gawad Plaridel with Jessica Soho as awardee (dress code: Filipiniana)

     – grabbed this from the closet that early morning: off-the-rack modern Filipiniana in jeans for under $20 dollars (P500 pesos):  Accessorize with cat eyes, red lips, pale skin (nag-cat-eyes ako sa rear view mirror, kamuntik na umabot sa tenga ang eyeliner) (i drew the cat eyes from the rear view mirror, the eyeliner almost reached the ears) 

Filipiniana jusi in a rush #universityofthephilippines #UPDiliman

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Filipiniana jusi in a rush

android-shot yesterday: Filipiniana jusi dress off-the-rack from a nearby mall (required for grad rites: ecru or off-white), bought on the way home, rush (busy kami) for under $40 dollars (or for under P2,000 pesos) — accessorize with nude lips and bare skin