UPDATED. Law on Mass Media 5th Exercise with Bonus: Prior Restraint in the Pentagon Papers Case as elaborated on in class

 UPDATE: Please read the following class protocols before proceeding to the exercise. Tnx. 

For all classes of marichulambino : Our Protocols for the handling of our classes in view of the anticipated presidential Declaration of a Public Health Emergency tomorrow Monday March 9, 2020
      For all my students:

Our Protocols in view of the anticipated presidential Declaration of a Public Health Emergency tomorrow Monday March 9, 2020 under Republic Act 11332 :
     A.Our CODE COLORLESS for all class meetings (for our classes only) :
      1.Class members who have even the slightest fever are excused from attending any of the classes of undersigned handling faculty; are excused from the requirements for that day; and are advised to stay home or get a check-up from a hospital near their house: When the class member is well, a medical certificate or a certificate from parent with a selfie may be presented.
      2.Class members who may feel that their temperature needs to be checked may get assistance from the admin staff of the Dean’s office. The Dean has purchased a digital non-contact IR thermometer which is now being operated by our building administrator Ani. In case you suddenly feel “weak” or debilitated or your temperature is off, you may go home: If you are not sure, you may proceed to Building Administrator Ani and state that you need to check your temperature, then show the protocols instituted by our class. If you find out you have a fever, take a selfie of the digital thermometer with you: This may be presented later as the excuse slip (see protocol for class members with fever).
      3.We will maintain our seating arrangement where the chairs are arranged circularly at the perimeter of the classroom : Class members’ faces and mouths are facing a wide empty space of the classroom where the lecture or class presentation is made rather than the back and side of their classmates.
       4.Class members are required to bring their own handkerchief / clean tissues and alcohol or hand sanitizer and to disinfect their hands and arms before and after classes.
        5.Only class members who do not have a cold / sore throat / triggered allergic rhinitis are allowed to handle the coffee machine to make the class coffee (please use the hand sanitizer in the bag of coffee supplies).
       6.Observe proper etiquette in coughing and sneezing (use the inside crook of your elbow). Foot bumps or outer elbow bumps will now replace handshakes and hugs and kisses between acquaintances.
      7.sss: Stay smart and Safe. -marichu
      B.Our CODE PASTEL for our classes only : #walangpasok or lockdown of U.P. Diliman:
      In case of #walangpasok or a lockdown of U.P. Diliman (no classes)
       1.We will activate our electronic live video classroom learning or telecom-live-video-classroom: Class members are advised to stay away from the campus but during our class hours must be “present” in front of their internet-capable devices and required to log on at the start of the class hours. Class members who do not respond when the roll is electronically “called” by being live-video-present will be marked as absent. Class presentations, lectures, and recitation will be accomplished by group-video-live visible to all class members but not necessarily made public.
      (for this purpose, please state at the end of your answers in this week’s exercises, your preferred platform (check one or state one) . The electronic live video classroom learning will be prepared this week as a contingency in case of a lockdown so please state your preferred platform this week:
a.FB Messenger video group chat Messenger
b.Messenger on Twitter video group chat
c.Gmail group video chat
d.Instagram group video chat
e.Snapchat group chat
      2.In case of a lockdown or #walangpasok #noclasses, the class will electronically seek permission from University authorities for us to conduct our electronic live video classroom learning system (since undersigned handling faculty has not been informed of any protocols at this time) and for the hours devoted to such electronic live video classroom learning system to be CREDITED IN FAVOR OF THE STUDENT as part of the traditional residential classes, and all points earned by the students to be credited. Class members checking or selecting their preferred platform are automatically authorizing the handling faculty to seek permission on behalf of the class.
      3.During the lockdown or #walangpasok, class members are required to check their emails and the U.P. Diliman twitter site twice a day to monitor any updates on the lockdown.
      4.When the lockdown is lifted, traditional residential classes resume with our Code Colorless reinstated.
     C.Our CODE YELLOW FLAG: Extreme situation where a forced quarantine is enforced by the Department of Health authorized by the national government in a particular college or particular area or the entire Diliman campus:
       i don’t know yet. i’m pretty sure it has been discussed by the University executive staff and protocols have been written down.
Protocols can be instituted by the University for the University community on its own or unilaterally; or, if coordination is deemed better, through a letter to the DOH (which is now given wide latitude once the Declaration of a Public Health Emergency is signed) or through a MOA between U.P. Diliman and the DOH: Any one of these or all three.
      D.All protocols written here shall be deemed superseded by any protocols enforced by the U.P. Diliman administration.
      Class members are advised to stand by for these protocols. In the extreme scenario of a quarantine (e.g., a person passing through the open campus is found positive) undersigned is not authorized to institute protocols for the class in case of this extreme scenario.

      One thing is sure: The brightest scientists are working round-the-clock to culture a vaccine against Covid-19 and … pretty soon, the last two sets of protocols (lockdown… forced quarantine) will be simply stored in our disks and files 😊

      Live normally with proper hygiene, drink fruit juices: Stay smart and safe. -marichu

                        ♥ ♥ ♥

Law on Mass Media 5th Exercise with Bonus:

    Prior Restraint in New York Times vs. United States. United States vs. Washington Post

(or the Pentagon Papers Case) as elaborated on in class

     REGULAR POST: On prior restraint: Any form of censorship or prior restraint of the news media from any form of government worldwide (including authoritarian governments) throughout history (time frame: 1970-2020). Please cite your reference material but be aware that the spam catcher will detain any post with more than five pasted url’s
        Additionally (or for an additional 10 pts) …

    BONUS POST : “narrow class of exceptions” “in time of war or tantamount to war” : Based on the class discussion and elaboration of the individual opinions of the justices in the case New York Times vs. United States and United States vs. the Washington Post (the Pentagon Papers case), there is a narrow class of exceptions to the rule that all forms of prior restraint come to Court bearing a heavy presumption against its constitutionality (censorship is automatically presumed illegal), i.e., exceptions during crisis situations such as in time of “war or tantamount to war” or an ongoing military operation, or an ongoing live police operation or ongoing hostage-taking situation when, temporarily and momentarily, this “narrow class of exceptions” or information can be temporarily restricted or its dissemination restrained or momentarily shut down. Using last Monday’s hostage-taking situation in Greenhills, quote/ paste/ embed any image, video, tweet, FB post, article, etc. which HYPOTHETICALLY, if aired/shown/ posted live during the real-time ongoing hostage-taking situation, could be THEORETICALLY but validly taken down momentarily in order not to jeopardize ongoing police operations and to protect the lives of hostages. Paste/ embed/ quote one example using an actual tweet/ FB post/ image/ video/ comment/ article which should not be aired/posted live, and explain what category this is, and why it would jeopardize the hostages’ safety.
      Class members may post one or both. For ease of correction and recording, please separate your posts or separate one from the other and label accordingly as “Regular” or “Bonus”. First-posted-first-credited: Do not copy from a classmate’s post or a previous post – this will result in a zero score: if so, another one should be posted within the deadline. Any late posts will get a zero.

      The deadline for both is extended to Thursday March 12 at 5pm.
      Happy women’s freedom day!