Media 230 Graduate School 5th Exercise #MediaProfessionals Deadline Apr7

Media 230 Graduate School 5th Exercise #MediaProfessionals Deadline April 7, 2019, Monday, 11:59pm
Media Professionals Fifth Exercise: Choose from any of the four categories provided in class. Deadline April 7, 2019 at 11:59pm
(Bonus points or double the points will be given to original content, i.e., never published before or based on your own professional experience: Pls indicate in the title or heading “Bonus” for ease of reviewing it)

LP “vice presidentiable”-apparent Mar Roxas fiancé Korina Sanchez, ABS-CBN junior reporter RG Cruz, & Facebook

I received an email from certain journalists who are members of journalists’ organizations (and who requested confidentiality) a letter embedded in an email, from  LP “vice presidentiable”- apparent Mar Roxas fiancé Korina Sanchez, ABS-CBN news anchor on-leave, addressed to ABS-CBN management, somehow belittling (“he doesn’t count”) her colleague ABS-CBN junior reporter RG Cruz, comparing him to Jack the Ripper, and asking for sanctions against him for his Facebook entry about a certain unidentified person described as “a First Lady wannabe…who would eventually be a bad spouse…a queen in her head without a crown…”.

I’ve already verified the authenticity of the letter thru a highly reliable source, also a media practitioner. Let me just get one more confirmation from another source on assurance and guarantee of confidentiality before i publish the letter in full. The email was sent to me in my capacity as a U.P. faculty member who teaches  Law on Mass Media; Journalism Ethics; Communication Ethics; Journalism 101; Journalism Internship; etc. Since it concerns the future spouse of a “vice presidentiable”- apparent, and who is now very much a news subject, it is worth publishing in full.

So….again, let me just get one more confirmation on assurance of confidentiality before publishing the letter in full. (you can write me.) This also serves as advance notice to the parties concerned. I’ll give the parties 24 hours’ lead time. (Because of its length, it’ll probably be serialized in three parts here, anyway, i can lay out the page for the three parts to appear in one page. Because of the nature of the  medium and the attention span of internet viewers, you must have noticed that i try to use a maximum of two pages of text per post.)