Families & friends: Much appreciation: Manang Wilma Celino & family (California), Myra, Mommy (Lydia Celino), Prof. Diosa Labiste, Prof. @karadavid , UP Journ Dept Chair Lou Tangi, UP CMC faculty & staff, @iamkarendavila @gabdramos for re-posting, re-tweeting, families & friends who stand for a free press

Families & friends: Much appreciation: Manang Wilma Celino & family (California) who saw the ABS-CBN News Channel Headstart episode on The Filipino Channel, Myra, Mommy (Lydia Celino) who viewed it online, Prof. Diosa Labiste who re-posted, Prof. Kara David (also of GMA 7) who re-posted a quote in the thread, UP Journ Dept Chair Lou Tangi, UP CMC faculty and staff, UP CMC Student Council Chair Gab Ramos, for re-posting, re-tweeting, families and friends who stand for a free press;
… and many more: netizens, organizations, and of course broadcast journalist Karen Davila (and earlier, Henry Omaga-Diaz), the producers and staff of ABS-CBN, and broadcasters and talents of GMA 7, news anchors of GMA 7 who resplendently wore red-green-blue Kapamilya colors the next day,

(this photo becoming viral shows millions of people and multiple media platforms acting as one: a crowdsourced photo: Image rightclicked from the Inquirer: Netizens viralized the GMA 7 freeze-frame photo of news anchors wearing ABS-CBN colors, shot by a twitter user, which became viral, and the Inquirer storified)

… Igan and his co-anchors on DZBB who, when the news first broke out, expressed concern about the quo warranto), Rappler, the NUJP, the members of the Consortium on Democracy and Disinformation, John Nery and his colleagues in the Inquirer, the NUPL, internet influencers momblogger, and many more who stand for a free press.

Rappler pioneers in crowdsourced enterprising online news journalism, ABS-CBN leads in 24-7 non-stop worldwide multiplatform news, GMA 7 has an edge in trailblazing investigative documentaries and in-depth reports, the Inquirer shows the way in game-changing headline stories and editorials that steer the national conversation, ABS 5 packs a punch with insightful news anchors, netizens momblogger and blogwatch TV, the NUJP, and many more internet influencers shape our world in the worldwide web:

     We cannot survive losing any one of the media organizations as they are our lifeline to our families and the world.



UPDATED. Law on Mass Media & Communication: Philosophic Basis, Right to a Free Press, Right to Free Speech (3rd Exercise)


Law on Mass Media and Communication: Philosophic Basis, Right to a Free Press, Right to Free Speech (3rd Exercise)

       Pls illustrate, using a news event, 1)the fundamental principle behind the constitutional guarantee of the right to a free press and the right to free speech as expounded upon by Justice Holmes in his dissent in Abrams vs. US;


     2)the function of a free press as enunciated by Justice Malcolm when he said “Complete liberty to discuss the conduct of public officials is like a scalpel in the case of free speech. Its sharp incision relieved the abscesses of officialdom…, etc”

     For the bonus post: please write your opinion (there are no right or wrong answers for this one:  your opinion will be evaluated based on your legal reasoning, or arguments based on legal principles i.e., your opinion should not just be rants) on the following questions (answer all) :

    1.A group of UP students and faculty members issued a statement today calling for the banning of the Marcoses (Imee Marcos, Bongbong Marcos, Imelda Marcos) and groups associated with them, from using any UP facility. Does this violate any constitutional right of the Marcoses? Does it violate their right to free speech and freedom of assembly? Why or why not? Explain (Or: Specifically, as outsiders, if they are not allowed to use any UP facility, would such a “ban” be an unconstitutional restraint on  their right to free speech?  )
     2.Would the ban be a form of discrimination that constitutes a violation of the Constitution, specifically the right to “equal protection of the law” clause? (Or: Specifically: Would the “ban” be a form of discrimination against a class of persons based on their political beliefs, as to be unconstitutional? ) Why or why not? Explain.

3. Or : Would the “ban” be simply an action similar to   declaring a certain individual, or certain individuals,  persona non grata, resulting in barring said person ,or persons,  from entering a specific locality — legally and lawfully practised by local governments? Explain (explain by using a modicum of research).