Supreme Court issues circular on use of cartoons in view of Syjuco use of Clipart in complaint vs FPnoy Aquino

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Supreme Court issues circular on the use of Clipart/ cartoons/ drawings/ artwork in pleadings in view of Syjuco use of clipart in criminal affidavit-complaint vs. FPNoy Aquino

               The Supreme Court (SC) en banc issued a circular on the use of cartoons and Clipart in pleadings today following the filing of a complaint by Syjuco against former President Benigno Aquino using Clipart and drawings in his pleading. Quoted below is the SC circular: 

SC Circular No. 12-15-2017

 On the Use of Cartoons/ Clipart in Pleadings

              In view of the practice of certain litigants or lawyers in using “Clipart” in their pleadings, the Supreme Court en banc hereby issues the following circular amending the Revised Rules of Court:
        1.Any cartoon, artwork, drawing used in a pleading should be original and drawn by the lawyer or litigant himself using a stylus and touchscreen, or pencil and paper (watercolor and other media may also be used as long as the artwork is allowed to dry before being filed in Court).
      2.Any downloaded or rightclicked Clipart image should be properly attributed to its source with proof that permission from Clipart was secured for the use of its images. 
       3.Said cartoon, artwork, drawing, whether original or downloaded, shall be accompanied by a dialog box with text summarizing the causes of action; the evidence offered/ presented; the legal arguments in support of the causes of action; and the reliefs prayed for.
          4.Said cartoon, artwork, drawing used in pleadings formally filed in Court shall be admissible in evidence as proof of the lawyer’s or the litigant’s mental and emotional age, and without prejudice to applications for other reliefs such as a petition for medical or clinical  evaluation of the parties responsible for the cartoons,  and for other purposes. 

     5.For this purpose, any physician, medical doctor, psychiatrist, and similar medical professional whose services may be required to evaluate the lawyer’s or litigant’s mental and emotional state shall be properly compensated for,  with costs against the parties responsible for the cartoons,  Clipart, and similar doodles.

      This circular shall take effect immediately upon posting and publication in the Supreme Court website.
         SO ORDERED.
        15 December 2017, Supreme Court of the Philippines, Manila.

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