Weekly Writing Challenge: Oh, the Irony

From WordPress for the Weekly Writing Challenge: Oh, the Irony: “In everyday language, we now use “irony” as a synonym for snark or sarcasm (or, sometimes, for unusually bad luck). xxx In this week’s challenge, I’d like to invite you to write a post built around an ironic moment. You could recount a scene in which what you said was the opposite of what you meant. You could tell a story in which one of the people involved is entirely unaware of the motivations of everyone else. Or address your post to another person, letting us — your readers — infer the real, very different message between the lines.xxx” at:


my post on “irony”. ironically, the irony is always lost on those think their reign is iron-clad

           The Wonder of Plunder


One day you have the Palace and the Senate


Next day you have a prison and  a  sentence


One day you’re hosting a ball —


Next day you’re posting your bail.


One day you’re flying and jetsetting


Next day you want to be jettisoned


One day you’re creme de la creme —

Next day you’re cream of your crime.


Such is life, really?, what a wonder


Life is bittersweet, seriously?, your time means plunder

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this is a reworked version of an earlier post

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Genre Blender

 Weekly Writing Challenge: Genre Blender at:


– Pick from any of the following genre: Historical Fiction, Magical Realism, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Mystery/Crime, Romance, Satire… then choose from any of the following styles: Poem, Profile, Open Letter, Instructional, Rant, Photograph … then mix the two.
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                      Witness Holding Room

He looked almost fragile

sunk on the tired sofa

in his fallen

corporate suit, ash

wan and unwanted, today

but for the artificial lights

and his