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(if on mobile device, click "Listen in browser" on the soundcloud pod below, then click the pod, for free streaming music ūüôā ) Weekly Photo Challenge:¬† Transient android-shot a few days ago: ¬†t r a c k s ¬† of ¬†t r a n s i t i n g


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 Shadow white Black and blight Burning dim      Bright and grim ... Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow at: Shadow Art installation at the University of the Philippines Diliman (U.P. Diliman) campus on occasion of U.P. Diliman month, on the theme: Salaysayan (Narratives), the art installations depicting the origins of the universe based on narratives, myths, and folk lore [...]

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 ...  the sun     rose in  your eyes and the moon and the stars were   the   gifts you   gave to   the   dark and   endless   skies ...          - words and music by Ewan McColl, originally performed by Roberta Flack.  about the composer: “McColl was born [...]

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For the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Path at: Path All-original "path photos", about 45 pieces, by Myra Lambino, part of a road series in this site, animated and produced as a music video (click to play):  

Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

Sun breaking thru patterned iron  breaking  to a new horizon Happy Human Rights Day everyone!  Photo by Myra Lambino: from Myra: "on the freeway, 118 Freeway Los Angeles 7:00am, driving J_ _ to early Jazz Ensemble class before first period at 8am, beautiful morning at 59 degrees"... published here for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: [...]