#DarthVader suffocating Krennic “Be careful not to choke on ur aspirations” #RogueOne #StarWars

Darth Vader while suffocating Military and Special Weapons Director Krennic:                  Darth Vader:       "Be careful            not to choke        on your aspirations, Director".  (Rogue One images on this site are by Disney, all used here non-commercially for academic [...]

Updated #atm #Xmas Party Asian theme: Comm Res, led by Dean Neny Pernia & Chair Chen San Pascual, presents Voltes V martial law Never Again

Updated: (posted four hours ago, or before the announcement of winners) At the moment, happening now:  Xmas party on an Asian theme (dance contest): The Communication Research Department, led by Dean Neny Pernia and Chair Chen San Pascual, presented highlights of  Japanese pop culture with Comm Res faculty members garbed in Japanese Lolita,  Gyaru, fairy [...]