Because my blog stats increases whenever….

    My blog stats increases whenever i post ashtanga yoga poses. Why is that?

Because…people…want to laugh at me!. Okay, here’s a grab (a still) of the video that i said i would not show, the Rexona commercial ashtanga yoga pose. Re—xow—nah! (Ang kapal ng mukha ko ano; eh ba’t kasi…. madami ang tumitingin dito pag yoga poses, it’s not my fault.)

       My opinions on the subject matter are not reliable, (i don’t even think the form above is correct, my Ashtanga yoga teacher Joji Balcita, (please google Flow and Ashtanga Yoga QC for contact details) keeps telling me to walk my feet or turn my feet inward or my feet should be closer.   i’m definitely not a subject matter expert on Ashtanga yoga, that’s why i post them as “entertainment” and put them as “i’m- on- gibberish- mode-don’t- rely- on- this- opinion” because i may not know what i’m talking about and they’re just personal impressions, my Ashtanga yoga teacher started to introduce Ashtanga yoga to us (previously,  it was “flow yoga”) in January or February this year, so my opinions on this are not necessarily reliable (and i’ll probably never be an expert on it because it requires a lot of study and practice), but i make extra effort to execute properly, in fact i repeat three or four times and choose the “most decent and ‘passable’ execution”. It is recommended that you  contact a certified Ashtanga yoga teacher.

     Hey,  I have to go to work.

     I’ll put legal provisions here on “emergency rule” later in the day, okay,  in connection with the warning of the association called Former Senior Government Officials and dozens other organizations about what they said as refusal on the part of the incumbent to step down even after her term. Leah Navarro said in the press con, “Hwag tayong masyadong relaxed, baka mamaya isang umaga magising tayo: Ay! martial law na pala!” (Translation: “Let’s not be too relaxed, we might wake up one morning and see: Oh, no! martial law has been declared! .”) My conscience. Hwag ka na magalit (don’t get angry). Yung Apo, madami nga nanood ng concert. (translation: “Lots  of people watched the Apo concert” it was smashing, i heard)   Okay, i’ll be back. hwag ka na magalit.  

          i’ll be back in a jiffy later in the day.

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