image Updated. Ashtanga Yoga for the Giggly. 3 videos. Fatso (me, blog admin) does the wheel pose. it’s a weekend, tumawa naman kayo pls.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
     This is a continuation (3rd) of my “Ashtanga Yoga for Dummies” series: “Ashtanga Yoga for the Giggly”.  Videographer and video credits: Frances Esteron, three videos.
     The wheel pose, or getting there,  for me feels like pushing the world up from its orbit using only your chest muscles; actually, you’re pushing your own weight from the ground up,  that should be lighter than the world;  unless you’re  throwing your weight around…..  (Gosh,  i’m punning again,  sowee, help.) Three videos here, two below (the second is an outtake (wait, not ready, cut, Direk!) and the last is the director’s cut. 


Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “outtakes“, posted with vodpod

     This is the outtake (not ready, cut Direk!). i cannot  hold  the pose  for a long time,  but when there it sends a sense of disbelief (to me), with the head suspended,  it feels like falling but you can’t really fall from here, your feet are planted on the ground; the crown of your head could however crash (from a height of one foot from the ground, but it could be disastrous) if you overestimate your strength and not able to recede slowly  (Warning: do not execute without the assistance of a certified Ashtanga yoga teacher).    i know i promised you earlier to set it in Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, or any song; but do you know how long a song is? Two minutes at least!  

Vodpod videos no longer available. 

(Note on the last video and note to myself: WITHOUT THE GIGGLING, I CAN HOLD IT FOR A LONGER TIME. WHY IS THAT).

      This was on a lazy Saturday, i missed my session last week (sumthin’ came up), so, lest my teacher worry: this was after that Saturday class,  i  was already limbered up.  The video director here (i grabbed her from the corridor, it was a lazy Saturday) made me execute the full pose three times. Because she said my hair was covering my face. My Ashtanga yoga teacher does not make me execute this more than once and i can hold for only eight seconds when in class, because i look at her with poodle eyes and say:  i can’t…. i’m spent,  please i can’t (and then i sometimes do a sniffle). Her method works: Look what i did here when i pushed myself.  Direk (my video director) was demanding.  Yes, I did it for art’s sake. I can make a sacrifice for the sake of Art.  I’ve become a weekend artist. (The second one, not here,  the videorapher shot from above me and not at ground level, for better light daw, it looked like a Rexona commercial ; when you’re weary & need cheering up, i’ll show it to you).


      The first cut, i call:  Giggling-Wheel pose. 

       The last one (director’s cut), i call wheel-without-the giggling, or: My-Sense-of-Disbelief pose. Because, everytime i execute this pose, i cannot believe my eyes what   i’m  doing…. 

          Maybe, later, i’ll explain it better.


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