Looking for a signal (my blog stats are dwindling, my internet has been down for 144 hours)



         Looking for a signal, making like an antenna, there’s supposed to be a wi-fi signal here it’s supposed to be a hot spot i’m looking for a signal. This photo is out of focus it’s not fit for publication, the execution not good, not good at all,  the side of the body is supposed to form a straight, straight line, perfectly straight, mine has a bump, and my fingers are spread apart with my pinky pointing up north, what the hell is that! (get yourself photographed when you’re doing the triangles and you’ll find out there’s always some teeny-beeny bump here and there, if you’re not a perfect right triangle, it’s not the full pose) i don’t have time to re-execute today,  i don’t have a choice,  my blog stats are going south (down, down) My internet connection has been out the company keeps saying there is a technical problem with the base center,  since Jan. 13 or for 144 hours. the capitalist-duopolystic owners of the company are not doing anything about it. How much do I have to twist to get a signal, my flab is spilling,  i know, i can see it, i’m wearing shoes here, I know, I’m not supposed to, I forgot my yoga mat i’m missing 4 out of 5 classes i should be dropped from the roll, I can’t find a signal i’m losing it! my blog stats are  sinking falling plummeting I have to do sumthin’; I keep getting call center agents from the internet and phone companies and they just have a script. maybe it’s time to file a complaint with the government agency that’s not monitoring them my expletives are unprintable for my own blog I’m losing it gosh-darn-it



                   note: in this pose,(okay i’m not losing it, i just get delayed with my day whenever i have to follow up the….clueless call center agents of the internet company), in this pose,  huwag gayahin (do not imitate, it’s not a perfect right angle) the side of the body is supposed to form a perfect straight line diagonally. Mine has a goshdarnit bump.  I don’t want to re-execute today, i did this yesterday, i had to submit some materials today, no time)


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