Here it is… after not posting for four days during the work week,

a.two(not posting two days and gaps of one day, and another before that)

(Photo derived from an original photo by Kristine Quiray, filtered thru photoshop for graphics; original, clear photo follows)

and a four-day low (2 digits), i got three digits on a Sunday yesterday; thanks, thanks, whoever you guys are. (and i got my 3 digits early here.)

People like music, photos with striking colors, yoga poses, and when there is an upsurge, or a scandal, and i write about it, no matter how staid the post is ( i just put pertinent legal provisions, cut-and-dry), people view as long as i put the right tag words. So, that’s the formula: 1)music, 2)photos with big colors, 3)yoga poses,4) when people are “shocked” or “indignant” over sumthin’, and i manage to write about it no matter how flat the opinion is.

Didn’t want to publish this. it’s been in my file the longest. ran out of posts. Flawed execution. (KQ’s shot is perfect). Shoulder has to flatten out and sink to even out with the other.

If i don’t have to flatten out on the floor the “lotused” leg and thigh, and if i don’t have to make the lotused leg perpendicular to the straightened leg (in other words, if i keep that leg hanging like it’s resting on the other thigh and not flattened on the floor), (i’m boring you, aren’t i?), the “lotused” foot would be perched high up to my waist so the arm would circumference around the torso without raising the shoulder.


brilliant photo by Kristine Quiray, very clear.

But somebody corrected the form, such that i have to flatten out the lotused leg and make it perpendicular etc. etc. etc. ; that pulls my lotused foot down, and therefore the distance that the circumferencing arm has to traverse is longer so as it goes around to reach the lotused foot it pulls my shoulder up. So it requires more effort to even out the shoulders, whine, whine. They’re all connected to each other, remember?! Lower this one a little, it lengthens the distance and pulls up the other. I’m not made of rubber, i’m made of flubber. (is there even such a word.) So, i have to stretch more to flatten out, why why why… [the benefits of the pose are (based on how they feel, didn’t read the literature: the binding part of the pose, where you half-lotus your leg and foot (i’ve actually transformed “lotus” into a verb; in earlier paragraphs i even conjugated it, can you believe that, am taking too much license) and circumference your arm to bind it —  actually moves your pelvic bones around (i’ve written about this before) so they get to migrate to places, the flattening -out feels like it’s stretching the ligaments behind your knees and also your spine, so it’s all good for you, i know; just whining.]

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