Happy National Heroes’ Day! video:eddleth. initially shaky camera maybe ‘cuz of the crowd

Credits: “Lumuha Ka Aking Sining”  [or “Weep, my beloved Muses”…. or “Weep, Thy Muses” (translation mine, with apologies.) The literal translation of the line is “Cry, My Art” “Lumuha Ka Aking Sining”  — if you want it more literal, it’s “You Cry, My Art”].

Read by Celeste Legazpi adapted from National Artist Amado Hernandez’s “Lumuha ka Aking Bayan” [“Cry, My Beloved Country” or “Cry, O Motherland” (translation mine with apologies) ; the literal translation is: “Cry, My Country”.]

YouTube original video by eddleth;started off with shaky camera work maybe because of the crowd.

For my National Heroes’ Day post, i’ve ran out original videos (i’ve stopped producing original videos, stopped ashtanga yoga practice for a month, then resumed once, stopped two weeks, then resumed once; so i’ve no right to produce original videos of warrior poses or other poses so….i surfed YouTube and found this.)

The update of this is: the Supreme Court issued a TRO enjoining or stopping GMA and the Palace from handing out the National Artist Award this year; a first in the history of the National Artist Award as i understand it. As everybody knows, a TRO from the Supreme Court is of indefinite duration. The matter is now being litigated as the Palace was asked to file a Comment. For non-Filipinos reading this: it will be recalled that the Palace, without any explanation, inserted its own National Artist Awardees to the nominees submitted by the committee responsible for recommending the nominees. The Palace nominees were known supporters of GMA and one was even a presidential appointee with a conflict-of-interest, being a member of the board that screened the National Artist awardees. When the protest gained momentum with rallies and other mobilization, the Palace spokespersons turned up their noses and replied, “Hale us to the Supreme Court. ” Yeah, they really said that, in a longer press statement; can you believe it; it’s the equivalent of, “So, sue us!” Coming from a public official and from the Palace, “So, sue us!” is the equivalent of “We’re in power, tough!” or “We’re in power, we can do whatever we want.” (Ba’t sila ganun?…Nagtanong ka pa!) It disregards the principle behind the constitutional right of citizens to petition their government for redress of grievances. So, they were hauled off…. and now, it’s…hail! (i’m just practising my alliteration).

Hail to the artists, writers, concerned citizens, professors, and lawyers, who led this movement and to the justices of the Supreme Court! Happy National Heroes’ Day!

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