Happy birthday again, Myra! (photos mostly by Rey Ramos. my 1st cut, unedited; have 2 add 8 more photos)

Music by Kamikazee, “Narda” (theme song from “Darna”, a Filipino superhero created by Mars Ravelo)

Photos, all-original, mostly by Rey Ramos; others by Teng Lambino, and by Myra

(Lyrics, also by Kamikazee…. Just so non-Filipinos would have an idea what the words mean, i made an attempt at a rough translation, with apologies)

Tila ibon kung lumipad

(Like a bird in flight)

Sumabay sa hangin

(You rush like the wind)

Akoy napatingin

(I turn my head)

Sa dalagang nababalot ng hiwaga…

(And see you in your cape of wonder)


Mapapansin kaya

(Will you even notice i exist)

Sa dami ng ‘yong ginagawa

(With your multi-tasking and all your duties)

Kung kaagaw ko ang lahat

(If i have to compete with the world)

May pag asa bang makilala ka…

(is there even a chance you’d see me)

Awit na nananawagan

(A song calling out your name)

Baka sakaling napakikinggan

(a hope that you might hear)

Pag ibig na palaisipan

(A love that’s a riddle)

Sa kanta na lang idaraan…

(in this little song i bring)

Nag-aabang sa langit..

(gazing at the heavens)

Sa mga ulap sumisilip..

(through the clouds)

Sa likod ng mga tala..

(beyond the stars)

Kahit sulyap lang Darna….!!!

(just to get a glimpse of Darna…!)

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