Balance. Alignment

When there’s a wiggle, do not ignore . when going straight, the wheel should be steady. if it flicks out of your hand or fingers (even slightly) or   jerks to the left or right then back, even lightly but suddenly, it means you’re not balanced.

(first three photos shot yesterday, while getting my balance).

If you don’t get your balance, you could spin when going too fast.

(in journalism, you should be balanced — present all sides, don’t spin it — Gosh, i’m punning again, going to town with this aren’t i. … out of town — oh, no… punning now incorrigible)

But not quite as smart as this art piece (see  photo below), this art work is a pun — it consists of some kind of metal parts that look like they’ve been welded or screwed together piece by piece. (Goodyear Servitek), shot while getting my alignment. Being exhibited in an “alignment” shop —  witty.

Next photo, balancing pose, “bound” tree pose (a variation of the tree pose), shot after a run, posted cropped Dec.9. This is supposed to look like a perfect vertical line when viewed from the side . For that to happen, the leg that’s bound should form a perfect zero-degree angle , horizontally, (a flat plane)

with your torso and hip — IT’S NOT HAPPENING HERE!!! It looks like a question mark. My seated bent poses look like mathematical symbols, my balancing poses look like punctuation marks (and not the exclamation kind) but ones like these%@&.

The balancing poses make your ankles, legs, and core, strong. ( — i think… that’s how it feels to me, i’m not an expert).

Get your balance and alignment this New Year!

comments are welcome anytime EXCEPT those with more than 12 links or 12 URLs pasted. Tnx)

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