Happy Women’s Day! This pose is dedicated to all women; and men.

Ok. Here it is: superimposed on the same Lankan coin (pls. see last Saturday’s post): Maya Devi’s pose, in honor of all women. hurriedly shot during lunch break, wearing the “lucky color of the day”: violet, executed after morning yoga class at the Dojo with yoga teacher Isla Rosete, then getting back to the office and clearing my tray of incoming pending work.

(apologies to the ancients for the execution…i did my best. Horizontal line naman, di ba — i can see a zero-degree straight there; well; i think i leaned forward a little bit to make a flat line with the legs, that’s why it looks like that; just a little teeny weeny bit.)

also known as Lakshmi’s pose, more commonly known as baddha konasana or butterfly or cobbler.

Happy Women’s Day y’all!

comments are welcome anytime EXCEPT those with more than 12 links or 12 URLs pasted. Tnx)

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