screeching late morning

Because didn’t wake up early today (it’s Saturday!), didn’t run – instead, one surya A, two suryas B, all the triangles (i’m not

necessarily recommending this sequence, you should: sit still….. meditate….. lotus, then  five sun salutes A (suryas A; surya is Sanskrit for sun) and five sun salutes B, then forward bend, etc. then do your routine.
Outside of classes, (occasional; none until June)  mine has  fewer,  it’s the sequence that fits in my one-hour, 15 minutes, because each movement is very slow,  deliberate,  soft, because… i haven’t practised in a month!….

To avoid injuries, practise slow and soft and get warmed up. and “listen” to every “screeching” feeling (well, “screeching” is a sound…but don’t have another word    for now; screeching is a sound that occurs when there’s friction between rubber and cement; so…by “screeching” feeling here, it’s meant —- the feeling you get in pulling apart the small muscles in between your bones; when you haven’t practised in a long time, you can feel those small muscles feel like they’re being peeled out from the bones to which they’re attached. So..move slow to avoid injuries) . Triangles; two prasaritas [the fourth and fifth; Isla (Rosete) showed me the inverted of the “inquisition” prasarita], pyramid pose (step forward, prayer at your back, then bend. If you haven’t practised in a long time — slow,  so nothing bad will happen to you ); balancing poses (if you haven’t done this in a month, do your binding and bending  like you’re in an Ang-Lee movie dream sequence…slow ) Then: seated poses, half-lotus bound forward bend (breathe slow, move slow,  like in an underwater sequence), one janu (crook one leg perpendicular, square hips, forward bend), two marichys (seated twisting poses, try to get 90 degrees. slow on the stretch, okay; if you haven’t done this in a long time, you can feel the “surface” muscles of your abdomen being…separated from you!), boat, etc etc wheel etc etc prep, then  headstand, etc. in sum, about 26 very slow poses; late breakfast already, bye bye


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