(Updated) 2nd class day in 2.5 months, Yoga Teacher Isla Rosete taught me: 9th new pose

Second class day after two and a half months, Yoga Teacher Isla Rosete taught me a 9th new pose

this is my fifth or sixth class day with yoga teacher Isla Rosete, who teaches ashtanga yoga at the Yoga at the Dojo on P.Tuazon corner 10th Avenue, Cubao, QC, behind Shakeys and UCPB, and across SM, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, all at 8:30am-10am

[put your hands on the floor first and use your hands and arms to raise the bottom, then, if you’re already able, if  your “core/  chakra” to use a metaphysical term (it refers to the middle, vertical, of  your entire torso) is already stable, it’s what you should use so you won’t put too much pressure on your neck, when you’ve balanced your body on the edge of your heel and on your head, remove your hands from the floor  (this makes it look “floating”); balance on the head and the edge of your heels, behind your ankles. warning: do not imitate without the assistance of an ashtanga yoga teacher)

(Full photo, with the hands on the chest, will be posted tomorrow, come back here to see, okay, i like you to come back)

(Not in proper attire, sorry, this was after the yoga class, wasn’t expecting how the day would turn out. This is a  sun dress too short, on pants; hem knotted up so you could see the pose, capri pants rolled up or folded up)


Fresh from getting an internationally recognized ashtanga yoga teachers’ certificate from Greenpath Yoga, a member of the Yoga Alliance, yoga teacher Isla Rosete showed me how to execute the ninth (or tenth, don’t have the guide sheet right now, lost track of the count) new pose, i’ve never done before; then, said, see if you could execute and hold it for five breaths.

…. because this was a first attempt,  didn’t hear what it was called so i googled it. It’s called “setu bandhasana” (unless i made a mistake with the name), Sanskrit for  “full bridge bound” or “full bridge locked” or “full bridge using your core/chakra (something)” or “spine lift pose”.  the legs should be straight, i know, the  first attempt was not the full form, i could tell then. She seemed pleased with it though, when i heard her and placed my hands on the chest (absolutely don’t move your head or neck in this pose).  i’m happy with it because i learned. Some won’t, with the form, it’s okay. the important thing is… to be able to photograph! your first ugly attempt! (to be continued, tomorrow: hands on chest)

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