HVD! (a “heart-opening” pose or “heart-opener”, hatha yoga) lucky color baby pink


the lucky color of the day is baby pink says the morning show astrologer.

over lunchbreak after a mid-morning-brunch/luncheon meeting,   wasn’t originally aware of it because our assistant wasn’t aware of it until mid-morning or 15 minutes before the meeting, it’s a good thing i was early… yeah i’m wearing a two-dollar sundress,  i put a sweater over it during the meeting, it’s good to have a coat/ jacket/ sweater in your office, in neutral colors,  for “emergency” purposes  if you suddenly need to appear before some people and it wasn’t in your sked…   couldn’t do any complicated “heart-opening” pose because of a full meal…. –—-  words in quotes —  it isn’t really my definition of  emergency;  and these poses do not literally open your literal heart; an emergency is when life or  liberty is in danger and opening your heart requires surgery.  

you will sometimes hear your yoga teacher say, or you will read texts that say,  “Open your heart…” “Send your hips to the sky…” — as i understand it, “heart” here refers to the “heart chakra” or a supposed “energy center” that connects your heart, lungs, etc.  in the middle of your chest; i put it in quotes because it’s a belief system. the language used is  ancient, or English translations of ancient  instructions. “heart-openers” open your rib cage.  As everyone knows, yoga is an ancient practice,  more than 2,000 years old, and its original purpose is “to heal”, its origin according to some researchers, is shamanism, or “natural healing”, and yoga teachers were considered by the ancients as healers (so it wasn’t really a sport or exercise but a form of healing).

i guess, in the  ancient times, it was thought that certain poses that opened your rib cage were beneficial to the heart, lungs, and other organs in that area.  and that, the holistic practice of yoga, which includes what you eat, how you breathe, how you handle stress, how you live, etc. etc. etc., could heal certain sicknesses. i don’t really know if it does (the evidence is anecdotal)  – i don’t think it can alter or affect the structure of your cells;  or kill or neutralize harmful microorganisms in your body; but i think it can improve your immune system (the holistic practice of it) and that makes your body in a better position to fight harmful microorganisms;  and i think it can prevent certain bone diseases or even align your spine. But if you’re in an advanced stage of an ailment – for example, the harmful microorganisms in  your body have already multiplied too much, it’s too late – don’t think yoga will cure you of…. tuberculosis! I’m blabbering, ma-trapik pag valentine’s day alam nyo ba yon (there are traffic snarls on valentine’s day as if you didn’t know):  Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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