L.A sky by Myra, shot at 8am yesterday

L.A. sky, shot by Myra Lambino-Ramos, at 8 am yesterday.

(out for a run or sumthin’, what else! can feel a hint of cramps comin’ but, not this minute,  they’re scheduled Monday afternoon … nuthin’ better than sun and air on a cool mornin’! — Well….if you’re the Phivolcs director, you’ll have to be givin’ an interview again on earthquakes this early mornin’, it’s always reassurin’ to hear from an expert: the West Valley fault will move, but not this minute, it’s scheduled to heave a little after now and two hundred years from now. Howcome fortunetellers and doomsdaysayers give exact dates when it comes to the end of the world, there’d been several, but not scientists (except for the four billion years that scientists calculate the sun is scheduled to combust, four billion years is a good schedule)…be ALWAYS disaster-prepared, don’t live in fear, eat well, breathe slow, love most,  live in color. )

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