lucky patch & running

the lucky color of the day says the morning show astrologer is olive green… (the color of olives….)  got back the old time of 15 on the 2.5 yesterday and on the 5,  4 in excess of the old time (stopped running regularly half a year ago and resumed only this Feb). it felt like a big saxophone player was blowing giant huffs of air through the arteries; it felt like suddenly there were holes in the skin, lungs,  and the entire body and the wind was rushing through them howling without a sound. this is turning out to be a health post rather than a lucky color post. just to let you know — as long as you don’t have a heart condition, you should get your blood running too.

Bruises,  a 24-hour spurt of energy (that does not repeat however outside of the 24-hour window until the next time), cramps, are normal.

(for blog admin, not necessarily for everyone): if they don’t occur, it’s a “bad sign”; ironic, bruises on the limb as a sign  one is alive geez… … hope people understand their bodies when they read this post. there are naturally occurring chemicals…. being produced by your body — it’s not a theory just take a look at your pores.

(this is a freeze-frame of a vid, not able to use the digicam function just yet, have to replace a tiny  filament called the “shutter flex”, it got slammed a month ago when i turned around and my hand went thru the sling, snagged it, and went with the movement of the body; talagang ganyan ang buhay(it happens), when you move around, objects get snagged, the alternative is not to make any motions, which means… lying still in a box. not to worry, the shop has the part. blurry freeze-frame of a vid).

and now the mindless terminator series:

“Sarah Connor: What’s it like when you go through time?

Kyle Reese: White light. Pain. It’s like being born, maybe.”  -“The Terminator”

will be back…

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