if you’re on the main highway

If you were  on EDSA, the fabled highway,

 going south or north…

Here it goes:

“bawal ang tao dito. doon ka sa bangketa”.

“bawal” means prohibited, not allowed.

“tao” means human being.

the exact translation: “Humans not allowed here. You go to the sidewalk.”

         …If you’re not human —  you are allowed.

…but…. if you could read the sign, presumably — you are human…

     well…you could be a software or an operating system of a machine that could read…but….

     you wouldn’t be ambulating this way if you were a software…

    (Filipinos understand what this sign means. “pedestrians not allowed here. use the sidewalk” — “Bawal mag-abang ng sasakyan dito. Sa bangketa ang abangan”.)

Other road signs on EDSA, already featured on TV: “Bawal tumawid, may namatay na dito” (“do not cross the road here, somebody has died here”) variation: “Bawal tumawid, nakamamatay” (“crossing here is prohibited, it causes death/ you could get killed”) 


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