Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

The world did not end today as scheduled by doomsday interpreters of the Mayan calendar. And so, WordPress says:  

“Surprise. There was talk of some sort of apocalypse today, but so far, so good. Big surprise! In honor of the world continuing, show me some surprises! xxx.”

– From Sara Rosso of WordPress at Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

  xxx                                     xxx                                    xxx


           The major religions speak of an end of days,  or hold  that there is an end to everything  [the Bible, the Quran, the Vedas (Vedic scriptures)],  except that  the Buddhist texts put it this way:  there is no beginning or end but  infinite  repeated births, changing from one form to another. 


         Here is my entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge: End of the World, este, er, Surprise.


        A sunny day of apple-picking.  J, L, Z, and Ztwo  in an apple orchard,  with more than a hundred trees heavily laden with luscious fruits all for the picking.


       Surprise. They pick only a bagful, only what will sustain them for a week.



         The world will continue. 


             But if we consume and burn the planet the way we do, Z’s granddaughter — and your great grandchildren — might face long-drawn floods, then long-drawn droughts.  


      They will reap what we sow, and it might not be apples.


       Hopefully, we keep learning everyday, and finding better ways to live without destroying what gives us life. Surprise.

    And that’s my post for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise.

(Photo by Myra Lambino, apple-picking on a Saturday just a couple of months ago, Oak Glen, Yucaipa, San Bernardino Country about 80 miles from Los Angeles.)


Thanks: WordPress users and “likers” (pls click their avatars and public profiles below): PhotoBotos.com, Dr. Anto Youssef, Esenga’s Voice, Judy, Leanne Cole, shammee, Pat, taethne, Jo Bryant, Vladimir Brezina, Maurizio Riccio, lifeoutofthebox, Brad Stanton, Hamburg und Mee(h)r, BeWithUs, efratadenny, 4rozebds, eof737…  


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