the other photo

this is the post in the other site for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss (kiss — mwah, tsup, xoxo, etc.) thanks — to WordPress users and “likers” of this other post (see their avatars and public profiles in the other blog) (my other Inbox doesn’t show the location of the WordPress “liker”): Just a Simple Guy; bhardwazbhardwaz; manonlesko; Gecko; AnaLuciaSilva;  Dr Anto Youssef; Elizabeth Blackbourne; masqua; Vladimir Brezina; Hardik Gohil; Russell Deasley; My Life Afterglow; djmrakiey; Hamburg und Mee(h)r; Tapish; mrscarmichael; sarahmonagle; revealillusions; Sea Play Photography (and now here on this page: Words Fusion of the United Kingdom; Magic of Croatia; sakshivashist of Qatar; of the United States; Layas Na of Singapore; richardhaas8 of the United States; maugryph of U.S. …  ) … 




comments are welcome anytime (the spam-catcher however detains without charges any post with many links, no bail recommended, blog admin has to approve release)

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