5am Sunday news

Here’s the 5am Sunday edition (March 3, 2013):

PH & Malysia ships patrol Sulu sea… Sultan seeks U.S. help… Malaysian peace monitors in south Ph at risk…

In the Metro: Stalled engine stalls MRT… 

World: Thousands protest Portugal austerity measures (Al Jazeera)… Syria’s Assad to run in elections says Iran (Channel News Asia)… Israel’s Netanyahu to get extension to to form coalition (NY Times)…



Photo from Global Voices (no caption; photographer & location not indicated)

Cluster bombing in Aleppo, Syria, “why is the world doing nothing?” (Amnesty International Media)…2 Afghan boys accidentally killed by Nato helicopters (NY Times)…Deadly clashes continue in Bangladesh (Channel News Asia)…  Feature stories: Siblings as roommates (NY Times)…Free online courses in “data journalism” (Global Voices)…

(i put “data journalism” in quotes because it’s really about storifying by algorithm)

          “Lies, More Lies”, Who’s fibbing the most in their profiles (Yahoo Shine)… For 20-somethings, ambition at a cost (NY Times)…Veg recipes: Artichokes & sweet pepper boats (Vegetarian Society)…Focacia w/ rosemary (ibid)… 7 nutrition bars that are worse than candy (Yahoo Shine)… Experts want more studies on role of diet for the heart (NY Times)… Elephants thrive: Successful  conservation program in Kenya (Al Jazeera)… Illicit trail of African ivory to China (NY Times)… Abyei community asks South to redeploy, UN force not enough; Mass arrest of youth in Sumbek  (Sudan Tribune)… Music: Vote for your favourite VJ; 2pm live tour (MXY Phil)… plus:  videos from Google Ph (dog jumps over river) and Global Voices (car bombings/ bus burning) Photo from Global Voices (see photo above)… and many more… pls click: 5amSundayMarch3, 13 What’s Trending marichulambino

comments are welcome anytime EXCEPT those with more than 12 links or 12 URLs pasted. Tnx)

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