Stop the hate even- if you’re just joking: 2 foreigners protest racism against Filipinos

Comments  on “It was a joke, UP student Arvin Labrador tells angry netizens on BBC comic quip on Pinoy children”
malcolm conlan on It was a joke, UP student Arvi…Pete Snaith on It was a joke, UP student Arvi…
From malcolm conlan, July 9, 2013 at 5:43 am
“I am a British man married to a filipina and we have two filipino children. I fully understood the context of the show and also understood the reasons behind the segment of the show ‘Unlikely lines a cosmetics company would say’
“I would not call myself a ‘Netizen’ and did not intend to make this into a bigger issue, I am upset and offended by some of the threats towards Katherine over this. However I organised a protest outside the BBC in London a couple of weeks ago and have also organised a further protest on Friday July 12th, again outside the BBC. I also organised a petition which to date has nearly 1,300 signatures.
“My reasons for doing all of this are simple, for far too long Filipinos have been used as a butt of jokes from Victoria Wood in the 90′s, Harry and Paul a few years back, the Lara Bohinc incident (google all of the above and add the words ‘filipino’ and you can read about them).
“Katherine Ryan did not have to refer to ‘filipino children’ at all, it simply was not funny, why refer to any nationality, I believe she would find any nationality would have also reacted badly. Hopefully you won’t accuse me of being a ‘Netizen’ or some Pinoy with a grudge, I am neither, as I said, I am a 100% British guy who just cannot accept any filipino being used as a joke, the use of any nationality in a negative or derogatory way could be described as racist, I will not rest until both Katherine Ryan and indeed the BBC apologise unreservedly.”
From Pete Snaith, July 9, 2013 at 7:43 am
“I have been to the Philippines 15 times, several of my closest friends are Filipino. They are some of the most kind people I have met, I also have many Transsexual friends from the Philippines and still in the Philippines, and see a lot of discrimination towards them too. They are people too, that have real feelings like anyone else. So please try to be tolerant of all Filipinos! Equality for all humans!!”

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