Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Beginning: The first photo shot on the first day of 2014 …newyearphoto

… by Myra Lambino, produced, directed, and shot on Jan. 1, 2014 at the London section of Universal Studios,  a reprise of the iconic Beatles album cover “Abbey Road”, the last collective work of the Beatles (and therefore their last album) but, ironically, endings also became beginnings: 

     “At the end of the end …      

       It’s the start of a journey 

       to a much better place … “

      – included in “Abbey Road”, Paul McCartney, lyrics from “The End”, the last song in the “Medley”, a cut in the album

…  and this work led to the “Let it Be” collection, and a blossoming of their individual, glorious careers… (this photo shoot, with additional direction from Teng Lambino on the detail of the third “walker” being “out-of-step”, Teng emailed that J’s pose (third child) is patterned after Paul McCartney, who was out-of-step in the original photo, barefoot and holding a cigarette, sparking many interpretations worldwide). 

Happy new beginnings, everyone! 

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