Sweet icicles of tnx: WP likers all sides of the poles of the planet

Photo by Myra Lambino posted in the other site (www.chattel.wordpress.com) also for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Family


Sweet icicles of thanks to WordPress users and likers from all sides of the poles of the planet: kz, Jaap Kroon, Uncle Spike in the UK, Ese’ s Voice, Ava, tabithakorban, imexcited, fgassette in Pennsylvania, Cee Neuner in Oregon, Sandra in the French waterways, Les Petits Pas de Juls in Mérida, Gerry Charb, khaula mazhar in Ontario, Vladimir Brezina in New York City, Jean’s Photography, jampang, sixdegreesphotography, jamilamimi, syllabubsea, seeker in addition to WP likers already cited: McWilliam Photography in Cyprus, Veronica Pommer in Germany, Milfordstreet, bumblepuppies, natalieslovelyblog, the happyhugger, frizztext, slaiirzone, mithriluna, Amar Naik, Cindy Baker, Alecia, and in the other blog not yet mentioned: cruzcheetah, minaaeh, Daina in Sweden, Leanne Cole, Judy @ GrandparentsPlus2 in New England, Sea Play Photography in the U.S., runningafterale, andreiplimbarici in Bucuresti …

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