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by karenadsantiago: on

      “According to the PPI Journalist’s code of ethics, one is expected to not distort the truth/essential facts and to air both sides of every story. This I believe was not fully followed in an article released by GMA News.

        “The very title of the article already highlights a somewhat sarcastic remark against PNP chief director general Alan Purisima. (“1.5M Only?”)

          “It  is also noticeable within the article how much space is given to Senator Grace Poe’s quotes and points of arguments, while Purisima gets only two 1-sentence quotes out.

      “The quotes selected from his side were also quite inconclusive and not as strong as the opinions laid out from Sen. Poe.

       “The last 5 sentences of the article were even sub-titled “Inconsistent”, in bold letters at that. Under which is a few more quotes from the Senator, one of which supports the sub-title (“It is the inconsistency of some of your answers that gave way to suspicion of many”). Yet again, highlighting and clearly showing bias towards Senator Poe.

        “While I understand that it is very difficult to be unbiased on national issues such as this, a journalist should still know how to separate personal feelings from their responsibility as expected by their profession. While discussions regarding financial issues of the country are a sensitive topic to most, if not all Filipinos, under the PPI code of ethics as well, one is innocent of a crime until proven otherwise. Therefore author Amita O. Legaspi should have been more cautious of the way he has framed his story.”

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by kristina rivera on DZMM tweets

       “Because of the ease of technology, I constantly find myself checking my twitter feed for quick news updates. I was a little disappointed to see DZMM post a tweet of an article with the headline “Starlet na huli sa number coding, pinalusot dahil may padrinong general?”

       “It sounded like a headline from a tabloid. And as I clicked on the link, it showed that it was classified as “News”. It could have been acceptable if it was a report on traffic enforcers’ behavior towards letting people with connections get away with traffic violations. But instead, the article chose to highlight the fact that it was an FHM model who got away with the deed. It seems as though the only reason this was made to be a big thing was because she was a “starlet” and not because this is a rampant issue that needs to be addressed.”

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by Kath Turlao: on

        “xxx on the news in tv5 entitled, “Mag-asawang gumawa ng ‘crush video’ sa tuta, makukulong habambuhay.” It’s obvious that the news story was about the judgement on the people who made a crush video last 2011.

       “The issue that I found here is the showing of screenshots in the video where they are really stamping on the puppy. Though it was crystallized, the gruesome part can still be seen. The blood coming from the puppy is evident. This is considered unethical because they can report on this story without showing those morbid pictures. xxx”



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