On fluorescent light, while checking papers at the flat, I learned that miracles still happen on nondescript streets. In less than ten minutes, two telecom-subcontracted technicians installed the 4G LTE or 4th Generation Long Term Evolution wifi, in my neck of the woods. They were efficient, courteous, professional, and knew what they were doing –- no hitch.
    (photo shows the two technicians, I just pixelized their faces a little for publication) 

      One click, and in half-a-second, or 00.30 on the clock, YouTube vids and entire news portals with at least 37 active widgets in motion appeared without buffering, or by buffering in half-a-second (I’m laymanizing the mbps internet speeds). Pages and portals that usually took 45 minutes to upload — flashed on the screen like a TV being clicked on. Is this for real? am i dreaming? i opened more browsers myself to make sure they were not just playing a DVD … it was real, “i’m on the net in half-a-second!”
      Finally. The long suffering from a comatose internet is over… but before speaking too soon, i observed it for three weeks before reporting — to make sure it was not a flash in the pan, pun on downtime…
      After one week of  observation of the superman/ supergirl/ darna/ captain barbel performance, the internet speed was cut in half (so it’s one second), and there were days when the signal went off, but went back again after switch-off-switch-on of the device. I’m guessing that as the number of customers, clients, users flood the network, the upload time would slow down -– hopefully, the telecom knows better than to allow this to happen. It is within their control, if they curb the greed for more profits in favor of industrial progress in the archipelago – which favors the telecoms in the long run because industrial progress equates with increasing the buying capacity of many. Or is the big picture too big for big business? The National Telecommunication Commission should do its job and regularly monitor the numbers.
      In sum, not counting the days when the internet went off for 30 minutes or so, the internet speed is 4,000% faster – when it was working: there were days when it was out for 30 minutes or so… Still, it’s a miracle. Himala, Hallelujah!

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