The 6th Media Monitor, or any bonus including the 5th bonus on any media content on Lent, can be posted here

The 6th media monitor or any of the bonuses, including the 5th bonus on any media content related to Lent or on the Lenten season, can be posted here, with deadline on the first Tuesday after Easter, or on March 29, 2016,  at 5pm. Media content on Lent may be any show on TV related to the observation of the Holy Week or any film related to Lent, or any related news coverage. You may use the KBP Broadcast Code, the MTRCB guidelines, or the PPI Code of Ethics (summary or expanded) or the 2014 SPJ Code of Ethics. 


        A solemn Lent to all.


  1. 5th Bonus Media Monitor

    “Rep. Leni Robredo was among the passengers waiting to board a bus for the Holy Week break.”
    Source: CNN Philippines

    The video shows a quick interview with Vice President candidate Leni Robredo, where she explains how it is more practical and “economical” to ride a bus rather than a plane as a bus costs 1,000 pesos whereas a plane costs 7,000 pesos. The whole report though was on how the bus terminal in Cubao was piling up with passengers, ready to go home to their provinces for the holy week.

    Though a lot of people and reports have mentioned that Leni Robredo commutes far more than other politics, one may assume this as advertisement for the Vice President candidate. The report was on the number of passengers increasing as families were going back to the provinces for holy week, and yet they decided to put an interview with Leni Robredo. Though this may be a legitimate interview, the timing of it is nothing new. It is nearly election season and by showing this, shows how Leni may be more approachable and human and less intimidating compared to other candidates, meaning increasing her chances of winning.

    According to the KBP Code of Ethics, it says that “Advertisements must be clearly distinguished from the news”. It didn’t distinguish it and though this may not be advertisement to some, one can’t help but to see that this was a perfect opportunity to get the public to change their views on Leni, if there were any. If in fact Leni Robredo does commute more normal than other politicians, why report on it?

  2. 6th Media Monitor

    Artist behind Mar’s ‘Yolanda’ comics is pro-Digong

    The article talks about what the comic artist of “Sa Gitna ng Unos”, a comic book that portrays Mar Roxas as a hero during Yolanda, had to say about those speaking up about it. The article states that the comic artist named Karl Comendador is in fact pro-Duterte according to his Facebook post (that has now been either taken down or set to private). ABS-CBN says that he also apologized in said Facebook post to those who were offended by his depiction of Mar Roxas.

    The article showed very lazy reporting only basing its source on a Facebook post by the author, which is actually now not available to the general public. It violates the SPJ code of ethic which states that journalists must “take responsibility for the accuracy of their work. Verify information before releasing it. Use original sources whenever possible.” They did not interview the comic book artist personally and based the whole article on his social media. And what is worse, people cannot even see the Facebook post now so how are people supposed to check if the story is accurate?

  3. Comm 110
    5th Bonus Media monitor
    2012 78 409
    (Rated K #HulogNgLangit lenten episode aired March 27, 2016 8pm Rated PG, site accessed March 28, 8pm)

    The segment of concern is the last segment (starts at the 31:00 mark) which shows Maria Diana, a little child who died and was buried, was allegedly still “growing” inside her tomb as time passed, shocking the community and deemed it as a “miracle”. The problem here is not the content per se, but the time it was aired and its MTRCB rating. It should have been rated SPG since the themes found in the magazine show do not necessarily suit younger audiences (theme of life after death, mummification, miracles, the occult) and strict guidance must be made. Moreover, the show Rated K was aired 8pm that night, which is clearly a violation of the code of ethics that states any show not suitable for children must be aired AFTER 9pm.

  4. 5th Bonus Post

    In the recent Holy Week, GMA 7 aired several indie films—the “Tanikala” Series. On Maundy Thursday, “Tanikala: Sa Isang Iglap” was shown. It was followed by “Tanikala: Buyonero” on Good Friday and “Tanikala: Kalbaryo” on Black Saturday. The station’s airing of such films violated the MTRCB’s provisions because they were shown in 5:30 p.m. time slot despite “SPG” rating. Thus, it did not adhere with the guidelines because MTRCB mandates TV stations to air such shows after 9 p.m. time slot.

    Generally, the indie films presented matured themes that are not appropriate for child audience. In “Sa Isang Iglap”, the lead female is a prostitute. She also has bad vices. Whereas, the main character in “Buyonero” is a prisoner who blatantly said, “Paano ako maniniwala sa Diyos kung hindi ko naman nakikita?” There were also frequent depiction of violence and crime. Lastly, in “Kalbaryo,” there was child rape (instigated by a religious group leader) and domestic violence.

    see picture (Sa Isang Iglap):
    Tanikala 2016 Trailer:

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