Mommy, Myra, & J to watch @MsLeaSalonga enthrall a sold-out crowd Apr1 Los Angeles

Mommy, Myra, & J to watch @MsLeaSalonga enthrall a sold-out crowd April 1 Los Angeles

        Mommy (Lydia Celino), after her successful phacoemulsification (or modern eye cataract surgery, see this post:    )  and after celebrating Z’s birthday and Easter with her grandkids in LA, will continue to see a “whole new world” with the sold-out concert of her favorite former child-star-now-global-theatre-and-concert-queen Lea Salonga, 1Leawho continues to rivet and wow international audiences in her US concert tour aptly themed “Up Close and Personal”, a day from now, or on April 1 in Los Angeles (Apr2 Mla time), at the Valley Performing Arts Center, North Ridge, Greater Los Angeles Area, California.

Photo emailed by Myra, right-clicked from the ticketing site of the concert, used here non-commercially

Myra and J (age 10, performs in hip-hop concerts and plays the cello, flute, and alto saxophone and an honor student of the gifted section of the school district) will accompany Mommy to the much-anticipated concert, and (with crossed fingers) hope to get autographs and selfies with the star of the show! (Myra bought tickets nine months ago – that’s how much anticipated Lea’s concert is 🙂  )

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