M230 Bonus Post Deadline Apr. 15 #universityofthephilippines #UPDiliman

     For a bonus of 10 points: A student may post an analysis of any video material on the Kidapawan shooting, which was used as basis of any news report,  or news feature story,  or investigative report, or news commentary;  using, citing, and quoting, as basis of the analysis, the provisions taken up in class. (No points will be given if the basis is not sufficiently discussed). The deadline is next week, or April 15 at 5pm. You may use your name or pseudonym or student number or any number as pseudonym as long as you inform the faculty in charge of your pseudonym. You may also use your own platform and simply paste the link in the comment box, or you may type up your post in the comment box. Pls click the comments box below.

    Happy viewing and reading!

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  1. The Kidapawan incident stirred rage to Human Rights activists and militant groups; even producing a worldwide #RiceNotBullets action and a “vigil to raise awareness of a massacre that recently happened in the Philippines.” This incident involves a group of farmers who have been affected by El Nino and the Philippine National Police or the government as a whole. These farmers staged a protest for three days at the Kidapawan national highway asking and demanding the provincial government for rice subsidy.

    Starting March 30, 2016, numerous media organization covered the event so as to provide timely information to the people. In that span of news reporting, two of the most observed SPJ Code of Ethics was to “Show compassion for those who may be affected by news coverage and consider cultural differences in approach and treatment.”

    Take for example this media coverage of CNN Philippines (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4toMlL55u4) where balance in the news reporting was also portrayed. They presented the issue at hand without showing disturbing videos of the farmers covered in blood. Instead, CNN was “taking responsibility for the accuracy of their work.” As a result of their open and civil exchange of view, they reported all the news stories that can be exhausted out from the lives of farmers struggling against a drought.

    However, the news from ABS-CBN showed otherwise (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b731TzV-AQo). Their report started with a recap of the issue, then into the point-of-view of the provincial government, and to the video of police officers pushing the protesters. The reporter even cited that the “protesters seemed to be similarly armed.” The video continued to the disturbing dispersal of the two groups hurting each other until the sounds of guns to signify warning shots. It didn’t stop even if it showed the intensifying clash, and of policemen and protesters being injured and wounded. I hope ABS- CBN know about their “limitations of conducting demonstrations” from the SPJ Code of Ethics.

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