#Halalan2016 #PiliPinas2016 #Eleksyon2016 #Elections2016 #Playlist #NowPlaying Hanggang Wala ng Bukas, from Heneral Luna

There are a few hours left,

if you want a good fight,

    it will have to be
      “boys versus girls”

        in the ground level

in the two highest posts,

first row versus second row,

     white versus black,

    boys versus girls —

it’s the only way.

(tell me you got this —

look at the data and be scientific

last-minute switch then you can kick,

          boys versus girls,

clinch the girl-combination and win

(Plan B, too chaotic & disconcerting)

bring the girl-team,

fight for every vote, every city,

all the provinces and precincts

put up your fists

fight to the finish)

#Halalan2016 #PiliPinas2016 #Eleksyon2016 #Elections2016 #Playlist #NowPlaying Hanggang Wala ng Bukas (Fight like there’s no tomorrow, translation with apologies), from the official soundtrack of Heneral Luna

comments are welcome anytime EXCEPT those with more than 12 links or 12 URLs pasted. Tnx)

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