#Happy UN Int’l #WorldYogaDay today #NowPlaying #Playlist #OPM #RamaHari

Happy UN International World Yoga Day today (June 21) An.Inversion

My Yoga Playlist today:

it’s an OPM (original Pilipino Music), written by Bienvenido Lumbera from the libretto of  Rama Hari  performed here live by Kuh Ledesma in the 80s (the arrangement could be updated a little; less ” synthetic electronic yamaha organ” and more real instruments… but i’m no expert 🙂 but maybe more violins and cello…)

      The lyrics are poetry, grand and gentle at the same time — it’s Bien Lumbera:

and the pose featured here is one of my favorite poses.

     inversion poses decompress my back: in the morning, upon waking up, i ease very slowly to three inversion poses… alternating with dead bugs-crunches as a concession to cardio, then end with child’s pose. i don’t do the standing up poses because i’m still asleep while doing the inversion poses, don’t judge me boo-hootulog pa ako sa plough 20 breaths (still asleep while in plough pose).

      This is for decompressing and pulling out the microscopic needles in the spine (see previous posts as a background on why i need these poses –just type “my favorite pose” in the search box to see the previous posts on this)

    then shoulderstand, then deadbugs-crunches 30 reps lang, don’t judge me, at least meron…

        back to plough 20 counts, shoulderstand, then pindasana or embryo pose then upside down lotus pose, then a little plough then last set of deadbugs-crunches 30, then child’s pose…

and i’m still asleep then until coffee… don’t judge me, i’m not a book cover

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