#NowPlaying #Inaugural2016 #Oathtaking2016 #NewPresident #Playlist Lupang Hinirang as interpreted by Mindanaoan Joey Ayala

My Inaugural Playlist

Now playing:

Lupang Hinirang (the national anthem, the title roughly translates: “Our Cherished Land”, translation with apologies; the traditional translation is: “Land Dear and Holy”:

This version is a reinterpretation of the national anthem by Joey Ayala, who hails from Bukidnon,  lived and performed in Davao City and now composes and performs worldwide:

(i’ll be playing music from our brothers and sisters in Mindanao in the run-up to the inaugural; it’s about time we had a President from Mindanao — one would just wish that civil liberties would not be violated; the peace talks would prosper; and there would be immediate economic relief for many of our countrymen who are starving, homeless, dying, have no access to clean running water, electricity, and health care):



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