Rebellion in fire alarm dubstep remix #NowPlaying #RogueOne #StarWars #Playlist

Rebellion is a fire alarm dubstep remix (hwag ka magalit)

( don’t like club remixes but there’s nothing else available)

Now Playing … My Rogue One / Star Wars Playlist

if this were in the Philippine revolutionary context, the dialogue between the military officer and Jyn Erso (“this is a rebellion isn’t it…”) might have gone this way:

Officer: “Forgery of imperial documents… Possession of stolen property… Aggravated assault… Resisting arrest… ”

Jyn Erso: “Why — haven’t you heard of the Hernandez doctrine?” (all acts committed in pursuit of the rebellious purpose are deemed absorbed in one act of rebellion… as embodied and restated too in the “Comprehensive Agreement on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law… — a mouthful for a Disney character)


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