#DavaoStrong #StayStrongDavao #PrayforDavao #PresidentDuterte ‘s much anticipated EO on “state of lawlessness” (?)

    As stated here two days ago, the President does not declare lawlessness (siyempre hindi — who declares lawlessness?), or a state of lawlessness, or a state of lawless violence.

     Mali nga iyung sentence construction na iyon.

    Ang kukulit.

     He is the Commander-in-Chief, he  has the Commander-in-Chief authority under the Constitution  to deploy the armed forces to suppress lawless violence.

     The Constitution does not require him to declare in writing a “state of lawlessness” or “a state of lawless violence”.

     Hindi kailangan iyon.

     HOWEVER, his numerous talking heads in the government have caused so much confusion that… it might be necessary to set down in writing his orders to the armed forces without revealing the disposition of forces and without disclosing the exact areas of deployment (put in the premise or the Whereas clause the existence of lawless violence, para matapos na ang confusion na yan; it is a premise, it is not the declaration itself.)

     Second, his statement a few hours after the bombing that he would  “invite the military to run government” needs to be clarified. Surely he did not mean that civilian offices and public utilities would be taken over by the military.  Siyempre hindi. He needs to clarify exactly what functions would be added to the combat functions of the military, i.e., patrols; inspections in seaports, wharves, airports, etc.;  supervised and regulated checkpoints, etc.

     Third, he is leaving for abroad today or in a few days. He needs to put down in writing his to-do for his Executive Secretary, for the DND Secretary, for PNP Chief Bato, and for his Chief of Staff, and the Presidential Communications Office, so he needs to issue an order in writing anyway.

 (and don’t forget a secret gag order for the confusing and confused talking heads in government).

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