@postaday @WordPressdotcom #Discovery #Challenge Song (in multimedia-heavy format)

As instructed by the WordPress Discovery Challenge on the theme “Song” in multimedia-heavy format at:


     Here is a gif (graphics interchange format,) doctorstrange

as background and header, here, where about 23 images were animated by Marvel Studios (used here non-commercially for academic purposes) to form an auto-play loop of a scene in motion: i hedged in superimposing any text on the gif, because the gif makes it dizzying to read the text, i’m just happy with my gif and song — i’m all form and no substance — and i don’t want you to read this, because i speak bleak, so don’t read it na lang. (if you’re going to read, that’s your decision, i don’t recommend it)

This gif  illustrates the theory that space and time can be folded up.                   

     When i said the other day (Conversations with a Millennial at: 


) that all this was theoretical, what i meant was: It was never going to be completed within our lifetime, nor the lifetime of our children or grandchildren. Because if our species had succeeded (in building a “wormhole”, an artificial blackhole that could fold up space and time), they would have been able to come back and “travel” across time, but they didn’t : NOTHING. 

     Not even an email from the future.  Kahit man lang radio signals or text or an instagram post from the future…Nothing. Our species never made it. That’s okay, it’s a thousand years from now and we have 50 to 100 years apiece to live, so no worries 🙂 hwag mo problemahin ang hindi  mo  problema. i’m  just gibberishng for the WordPress Discovery Challenge post don’t mind me 🙂

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