12th Media Monitor (or 7th Bonus) with Bonus Plus here #universityofthephilippines #UPDiliman

The 12th Media Monitor or  the 7th Bonus as stated and as described in class can be posted here, with a “Bonus Plus” as stated and  as described in class for actual witnesses (Students who can avail of this  are allowed two posts for this final posting).

    To be fair to everyone,  and as a form of verification: Students who are availing of the Bonus Plus, i.e.,  of comparing what they actually witnessed with what the news organizations reported, and a review of the news report,  are required to submit proof, together with their post, of their presence in the area in the form of: 1)photos that they actually took from their cameraphones or other devices, published or unpublished; or 2) selfies during the event; or;  3)Nov. 18 live tweets or live posts of the event (submit links); 4)pictures of them shot by other people whether in crowds or as solo shots; or  screenshot-collegian

5) a published first-hand account that they wrote and  uploaded yesterday Nov. 18; or testimonial statement from a credible source such as a student council member or campus journalist that they were there. Absent such proof, the Bonus Plus will not be given any points. 

      Deadline Wednesday Nov. 22. This is the final media monitor. There will be no media monitor after Nov. 22 as a reprieve in preparation for the third and last exam.  

   (Photo credits here: Philippine Collegian, used here non-commercially for academic purposes.)

    Happy posting!

26 thoughts on “12th Media Monitor (or 7th Bonus) with Bonus Plus here #universityofthephilippines #UPDiliman

  1. 12 Media Monitor: Regular
    “Anti Marcos protester gets rape threats”

    In the article published by Rappler, we read about a female anti-Marcos protester who was targeted by several men for cyberbullying and rape threats. There were lewd comments against her, with comments such as, “Come to papa, I’ll fill your mouth, and your pockets, too” and “Let’s gang bang her so she won’t be able to bite”

    Rappler was able to abide by the KBP code of ethics by blurring out the name of the female protester and photos of her face were blurred. On the contrary, Rappler revealed the faces and names of those who made lewd comments, which although might serve justice for their foul actions, might be a dilemma because identities must be hidden to prevent further damage.

    I think that Rappler handled the issue well, but I think that it is not too fair for them to censor the names and photos of the victims but not the offenders.


  2. Regine C. Gochuico
    (8th Bonus Post)-12th media monitor
    7th bonus: Review on Mocha Uson’s posts regarding St.Scho students forced by their teachers/school to protests on Marcos burial

    On November 18, 2016 Mocha Uson posted videos and pictures of children of St.Scholastica’s College doing the protest against the Marcos burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.
    In her posts, Mocha has violated provisions under the SPJ Code of Ethics . Which are as follows first is to “verify information before releasing it.” Also “take responsibility for the accuracy of their work.” Mocha should have verified her sources before releasing such post in her blog. She could have called the administration of St. Scholastica’s College (SSC) and verified if the forms were released by the school to know if it’s just made up by the one who messaged her. Second is to “consider the long term implications of the extended reach and permanence of publication.” Mocha must also think that before releasing anything to the public she should also think about the possible impact it may have to her news subject in this case SSC. SSC’ had been put into a bad light in her post and might affect the school’s reputation this is also why before publishing anything Mocha should have make sure that what she’s posting is accurate. Mocha also violated some provisions in the Code of professional and ethical conduct of the Philippine Press Institute which is “when we have to shield the identity of our source—because revealing it would put his/her job in danger—we must first ascertain the truth of his assertions. Determine if he is a polluted source. When Mocha gave the anonymity she just refused to name the complainant without explaining the reason why she even gave this person anonymity. She should have questioned the one who messaged her for anonymity why she doesn’t want to be named then explain it to the public. Also, she should have investigated if the one who messaged her is a reliable source.
    In writing posts in her blog, I believe that Mocha Uson should not just post and post because even though she claims in her facebook fan page that “she is not a journalist just an ordinary Filipino” her posts somehow matters and affect the public’s thoughts because of her millions of followers. Therefore, she must realize that she should be more responsible and careful in publishing write ups on her blog.


  3. 12th Media Monitor – 7th Bonus Post
    Review of Mocha Uson’s post about the Anti-Marcos Rally of students from St. Scholastica’s College- Manila

    Mocha Uson’s blog has been in the news again after posting about the alleged mandatory joining of students from Saint Scholastica’s College- Manila in the protest against the burial of the late dictator in the Libingan ng Mga Bayani.

    Clearly, the manner of obtaining information and the source itself are violations of the SPJ Code of Ethics standard on gathering news sources. Though Mocha Uson is a self-branded journalist and by no legal matter needs to subscribe to ethics standards, yet, it still remains that millions of Filipinos are considering her as a public watchdog. Foremost, the allegation of forcing students to attend the protest was not verified before it was released. Mocha Uson did not see the waiver herself and relied on the information sent to her. She also did not identify who her sources are and if they really are affiliated with the school, compromising the public’s right to know if child abuse really was the case. She also did not see to it that the complainant did not have any malicious intentions intended to injure the school or just to gain attention. Mocha Uson even granted anonymity without validating the complainant’s need for anonymity. She also did not seek other sources that could verify the allegation or those who could prove the claim and be identified.

    As much as Mocha Uson, the “citizen’s journalist” violated the SPJ Code of Ethics’ standards on the accuracy of work, providing context, identifying sources and considering the sources’ motives, she also published her claims without seeking first the side of St. Scholastica’s College- Manila first. She failed to follow the standard requiring to seek subjects of the allegations so as to give them opportunity to defend themselves. Mocha Uson later on published the school’s side after her initial posts whereas, she should have done this beforehand since millions of Filipinos are believing her.

    It is also notable that she becomes a part of the news rather than delivering the news for the citizens who follow her. This is not the purpose of journalism but clear sensationalism and an unethical delivery of supposed service to the Filipino people.


  4. Hi ma’am. Just want to inform you that my media monitor here is the 7th bonus post and the Bonus+, I didn’t put the bonus + in the header. thank you

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