#RogueOne #StarWars Story of an Uprising “…until we win…”

Rogue One (a backstory of Star Wars “A New Hope”)


Jyn Erso:

    “We’ll take the next chance…           And the next…

      Until we win —  or the chances are spent.

    You’re all rebels, aren’t you?”

 starwars     K2-SO (security droid): Why does she get a blaster and I don’t?
    Jyn Erso: I know how to use it.
    Captain Cassian Andor: That’s what I’m afraid of. Give it to me.
     Jyn Erso: We’re going to Jeddah. That’s a warzone.
     Captain Cassian Andor: That’s not the point of… Where did you get it?
    Jyn Erso: I found it.
   K2-SO: I find that answer vague and unconvincing.
     Jyn Erso: Trust goes both ways.
[Cassian turns and goes over to take the co-pilot seat next to K2-SO]
    K2-SO: You’re letting her keep it. Would you like the know the probability of her using it against you? It’s high.
     Captain Cassian Andor: Let’s get going.
K-2SO: It’s very high.



 video and photo by Disney used here non-commercially for academic purposes

This is still a continuation of the Christmas playlist here — largely  OPM Christmas songs (original Pinoy or Filipino music) … this one is an original composition of Jose Mari Chan, performed also by the composer…

    If you prefer minimalist, simply tap the soundcloud pod at the foot of the page to stop the autoplay. 

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