2nd Media Monitor, 1st class (Regular or Bonus) here #UPDiliman #universityofthephilippines

2nd Media Monitor 1st Class (Regular or Bonus  apply)

The Second Media Monitor of the first class can be posted here, with deadline as stated, regular or bonus (pls refer to instructions given in class).

     The 3rd Bonus is on advertorials  (online, print newspapers, television, radio, etc.,) or “news features”,  “news commentaries” etc. that are actually promotional of commercial products, “performances”, or of commercial entertainment, etc., in the runup to Valentines day rackets, este, er,  Valentines Day celebrations, deadline Tuesday.

Please cite and quote the pertinent SPJ provisions or PPI provisions — failure to do so would mean a deduction of points.

     The first exams will push thru as scheduled and as stated in the syllabus in the week after next (in the week after the discussion on “Reporting on Surveys”).

       Happy viewing and posting!

27 thoughts on “2nd Media Monitor, 1st class (Regular or Bonus) here #UPDiliman #universityofthephilippines

  1. Second Bonus Post: Article 13 KBP Broadcast Code on superstition, the occult, fortune-telling, etc.

    The article being reviewed is published by Philippine Daily Inquirer, a print and online-based news organization. By analogy, the KBP Code of Ethics will be used to review the article.

    Article 13, Section 1 of the KBP Boradcasting Code of Ethics state that :
    “Programs featuring superstitious and pseudo-scientific beliefs and practices such as supernatural powers, foretelling of the future, astrology, phrenology, palm-reading, numerology, mind-reading, hypnotism, faith healing or similar subjects shall be careful not to induce belief in them. Care shall be taken to prevent the exploitation of people who may be easily swayed by such superstitious and pseudoscientific beliefs and practices.”

    The article’s headline reads: “Year of Rooster a good one for Duterte” Basing from this headline alone, it can be seen that there is no disclaimer that this is just an opinion by a feng shui expert. It could have been better if there has been attribution in the headline because some people may opt not to read the entirety of the article and just be swayed easily.

    The article’s content discusses the feng shui expert’s predictions for the year–particularly on President Rodrigo Duterte and other political figures such as Vice President Leni Robredo. It is good that the article mentioned that all of these are “according to feng shui expert Joey Yap.” However, it could be somehow confusing for non-critical readers since the writing of the article doesn’t exactly mention that these are just predictions–they were written in such a way that they seem so definite. It could have been better if there was a disclaimer at the beginning (or even ending) of the article that stressed that what is being discussed are just predictions, with no complete certainty and that the feng shui expert merely based what he said on astrology.

    Link to the Article: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/863453/year-of-rooster-a-good-one-for-duterte

  2. Second Media Monitor, third bonus on Advertorials

    The article posted to the front page of Rappler’s entitled “Bida ang sawi: Netizens react to Jollibee Valentine’s ads” blurs the line between an advertisement and a journalistic approach. The article, which is more of a chronicle of positive reviews of specific people rather than a general opinion, is in violation of the SPJ code of ethics’ third provision to Act Independently.

    Under this provision, it is stated that a journalist should make the distinction between an advertisement and an article very clear, to avoid any confusion, and that the SPJ shuns any fusion of the two. The reason why I state that this Rappler entry is more an advertisement than it is an article is mostly due to it’s content mostly coming from people who have rave reviews for the emotional commercials that Jollibee had released leading up to Valentine’s day.

    The same way that movie posters and book covers are filled with praise from specific critics as a way to persuade people to give it a watch/read, this entry uses the positive/impactful reaction of netizens around the PH to put a positive light on Jollibee and their products/advertisements.

    Considering that “react” was used in the headline, perhaps it would have been more appropriate, and up to the standards of the SPJ to include negative tweets, or one of the many that satired the content of the advertisements. Perhaps because Valentine’s day is fast approaching, and that Jollibee’s commercials were made to evoke a level of appreciation for romance, rather than of comedy, they decided not to include anything that would dampen the message of the commercials.

    Nevertheless, this article blurs the lines between an actual article, a positive review, or even sponsored content, and therefore it is not up to the SPJ’s standards.


  3. [3rd Bonus]


    This article by the Inquirer is about a restaurant’s limited time offer of a free meal for “third-wheel” friends on Valentine’s Day. The restaurant was named by the article as the Cow & Chicken Modern Brunch Dining, and will give away a free steak dinner to one couple’s single friend. While this article may sound good to a lot of “forever-lonely” individuals, it violated the SPJ Code of Ethics 2014 on distinguishing news from advertising.

    Under the “Act Independently” section of the Code, journalists should: “Distinguish news from advertising and shun hybrids that blur the lines between the two. Prominently label sponsored content.” The article clearly violates this for presenting the story comparable to an actual media advertisement of the restaurant.

  4. [3rd Bonus – Advertorials]


    “WATCH: Dove sends powerful message to women” was featured on the front page of the PhilStar site and clearly violates the SPJ Code of Ethics’ section on acting independently. This provision states that journalists should, “distinguish news from advertising and shun hybrids that blur the lines between the two. Prominently label sponsored content.”

    The article that comes with the video simply reiterates the message of the clip by supporting the idea that there is more than one way to define beauty. It repeatedly mentions the Dove brand by saying things like, “Dove invites you to celebrate all types of beauty,” and the article ends with the current Dove hashtag, #RealBeautyisUniversal. This is clearly an advertisement more for the brand than for the message being shown and doesn’t feature anything “newsworthy.” It never mentions that it is a paid advertisement, but it is hard to see it as anything other.

  5. [2nd Regular Media Monitor]


    This news about the recent 6.7 earthquake that hit Surigao City on the night of Feb 10, 2017. According to the link above, this news story is now on its 7th update – telling the readers more information about the situation in the area, the number of casualties, and the responses done by the government. Rappler stays true to the Seek Truth and Report It section of the SPJ Code of Ethics which states that journalists should:
    This kind of journalism follows the Seeking Truth section in the SPJ Code of Ethics which states that journalists should:
    “Gather, update and correct information throughout the life of a news story”
    For news about natural disasters, it is important that news should be updated because some audience may have relative in the area. Other people who are willing to help can also be informed of what the earthquake victims needs through updated news from the area.

  6. [Third Bonus on Advertorials]


    ABS-CBN News posted “Valentine’s on the road: Grab offers ‘date’ with ride” which is clearly an advertorial. The article is about Grab’s latest promo #GrabBae on Valentine’s day and was not labeled as “sponsored” or “promotional” content. This violates the SPJ Code of Ethics 2014 under the provision of Act Independently. ABS-CBN News failed to “distinguish news from advertising and shun hybrids that blur the lines between the two. Prominently label sponsored content.”

  7. [Third Bonus]


    This article by the Inquirer is about different local chocolate brands available for the country. Although this article may give happiness to a lot of chocolate lovers, this violates the “Act Independently” Section of the SPJ Code of Ethics which states that

    “Distinguish news from advertising and shun hybrids that blur the lines between the two. Prominently label sponsored content.”

    This article violates the code because it subtly advertises these chocolate brands whilst in the form of a news article.



    This article from ABS-CBN news talks about the promo of the transportation application “Grab” on Valentine’s Day. It starts off by saying that “Grab” joins in on the “Valentine’s fever” just like other companies, establishments, etc., therefore making it clear to its readers that it is simply reporting news.

    This article properly follows the obligation of ethical journalism to “Act Independently” particularly this provision:

    “Distinguish news from advertising and shun hybrids that blur the lines between the two.
    Prominently label sponsored content.”

    The article makes sure to include all the details of the said promo, and does not add anything else that will make it hard for the readers to distinguish whether the article is indeed a news item or an advertisement in disguise. It also added a promotional poster and attributed it to Grab’s Facebook page. The clear writing of the article and citation of source makes it a commendable practice for the SPJ Code of Ethics.

  9. [3rd Bonus Post on Advertorials]


    The Inquirer article entitled “LOOK: Hugot-filled ice cream for Valentine’s Day” is an advertorial or a news feature that is actually promoting a commercial product i.e., Sebastian’s Ice Cream. The feature talks about the now-annual Valentine flavors of the business which according to the article “may change your mind [if you are too jaded for dessert] or put a smile on your face.” comprising of flavors with interesting titles like Closure, Matinong Girlfriend and Matinong Boyfriend.

    This violates a part of the section on “Act Independently” under the 2014 SPJ Code of Ethics which states:

    “Distinguish news from advertising and shun hybrids that blur the lines between the two. Prominently label sponsored content.”

    Clearly, this article was not prominently labeled as sponsored content whether it be on the title or the body of the media text. This was phrased like “news” in the runup to Valentine’s Day.

  10. Kindly disregard my previous post because I overlooked that it was an article back in 2016.

    [3rd Bonus Post on Advertorials]


    The article entitled “Liza, Enrique to spend Valentine’s Day together in Cebu” is an advertorial for it is a news article or commentary which is a actually a promotion of a commercial product or performance i.e., LizQuen’s newest movie “My Ex and Why’s.”

    It was a misleading title for an article which readily talks about how both celebrities are spending time together on Valentine’s day in Cebu because they will be promoting their upcoming movie “My Ex and Whys,” which opens in theaters nationwide on February 15. The article then describes what the movie is about and a video clip of the trailer is attached.

    This violates a part of the section on “Act Independently” under the 2014 SPJ Code of Ethics which states:

    “Distinguish news from advertising and shun hybrids that blur the lines between the two. Prominently label sponsored content.”

    Clearly, this article was not prominently labeled as sponsored content whether it be on the title or the body of the media text. This was phrased like “news commentary entertainment news” in the runup to its post-Valentine’s Day screening.



    In the article, it basically discusses about a flower shop’s collection of funeral-inspired bouquets. It talks about the uniqueness of the arrangements, the pick-up lines attached to it, their prices and up to when orders will be taken or where it can be picked-up.

    This article then can basically be categorized as an advertorial. This is due to the fact that it exclusively and explicitly advertises this certain shop’s products in line with the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebration.

    This also violates the SPJ Code of Ethics (2014) under “Act Independently”, which states that:

    “Distinguish news from advertising and shun hybrids that blur the lines between the two. Prominently label sponsored content.”

    Other than them obviously advertising this shop’s products, they never placed a sign before the article stating that it is sponsored content. This is the biggest mistake overall. Purely advertising a product or a company should also be avoided (unless labeled properly).

  12. Second Media Monitor:

    GMA News Online has a tracker in their website about the ongoing major issues that the country is facing. As an example here is the link of the tracker on Jee Ick Joo Kidnap Slay: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/tracking/jeeickjoo

    (Jee Ick Joo is a Korean businessman who was abducted from his home and was brought to Camp Crame where he was killed.)

    The latest report was published on February 14, 2017 3:04pm. The headline is: Jee’s widow wants PNP to be sole prober of husband’s death —Bato dela Rosa – See more at: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/599507/news/nation/jee-s-widow-wants-pnp-to-be-sole-prober-of-husband-s-death-bato-dela-rosa#sthash.C4GYEF5l.dpuf

    As what GMA News Online is doing with its stories, it follows one of the principles of SPJ Code of ethics which is “Seek Truth and Report it” that has a sub-principle: Gather, update and correct information throughout the life of a news story.

    However, the source of the article is PNP Chief Dela Rosa explaining Jee’s Widow’s request to President Duterte. As part of the Priniciple “Seek Truth and Report it”, I hope the reporter diligently sought the voice of Jee’s Widow regarding the matter so that the information presented is completely reliable.

  13. 2nd Media Monitor:


    This article was published by Rappler.com on February 14, 2017 which talks about how Chief Presidential Legan Counsel Salvador Panelo is stating that Finance Secretary Dominguez is protecting DENR Sectrary Gina Lopez.

    By noting the SPJ provision of, “taking special care not to misrepresent or oversimplify in promoting, previewing, or summarizing a story”, in this article, the author discusses the background and context of this issue regarding the closure of several mines in watersheds. The author provided online links regarding the past events that took place regarding this issue with Gina Lopez and the DENR. This is commended through this provision in the SPJ Code of Ethics where one must “provide context” of a story.

    The author also wrote about both subjects where in Panelo was able to share his opinion regarding the DENR mining closure issue, and Gina Lopez was also quoted as she was unfazed by the criticism received from Panelo. This is supported by the SPJ provision: “Diligently seek subjects of news coverage to allow them to respond to criticism or allegations of wrongdoing.”

  14. http://news.abs-cbn.com/video/news/02/13/17/surigao-quake-victims-mourn-their-dead


    The headline of the news item emphasizes the victims of the Surigao quake. In the news, they only show the picture of the dead, however, and the family actually mourning their loss.

    It states in the SPJ Code of Ethics to MINIMIZE HARM, to treat the public as human beings deserving of respect. “Balance the public’s need for information against potential harm or discomfort.”

    By just showing a picture of the deceased when he was still alive and not an actual shot of them dead or in the casket, the journalist was being considerate of the victim’s family, and of the public. The journalist avoided causing any possible discomfort to any party by being careful with what shots they took and used for the news item.

  15. 3rd Bonus on Advertorials


    Rappler.com published an article on February 12, 2017 talks about the romantic date ideas couples can go on near Metro Manila. Ideas such as trekking, staying at a hotel during Valentine’s, having a spa date, or watching fireworks were mentioned by the author as suggestions for couples who plan to celebrate the annual holiday. The article features certain spas and hotels that are directly linked. This goes against the provisions of the SPJ Code of Ethics where journalists must “Distinguish news from advertising and shun hybrids that blur the lines between the two. Prominently label sponsored content.” This article did not mention that this feature includes sponsored content wherein only specific companies, malls, and spas are mentioned by the author.



    Published by Philippine Star on February 14, the article talks about an organic cafe in Makati called “Healthy Eats” serving dishes that are good for the heart. It mentioned the cafe’s new and improved menu, even citing specific dishes from it and their price range. While it enumerated health tips and incorporated some research findings about diets, it ultimately went back to quoting the owner of Healthy Eats and promoting products that can be found in the organic store inside the restaurant.

    SPJ Code of Ethics under “Act Independently” states to “Distinguish news from advertising and shun hybrids that blur the lines between the two. Prominently label sponsored content.” The article proves to be a violation of this as it does not tag the article as sponsored content. The author used a witty headline and reference to Valentine’s Day that captures people’s attention, posed a call to action throughout the article for readers to try out the place and provided the restaurant’s address and contact information—all of which are characteristics of a typical advertorial.

  17. Second regular media monitor

    An article in people’s journal last Feb 8 titled Presidential guards, rallyist clash outside Palace focused on how the guards treated the rallyists and only asked the guards’ side of the story. The opinions and experiences from the side of the rallyists weren’t even mentioned once. This violated an article in the PPI code of ethics which states that journalists should air all sides to a conflict.

  18. [2nd Media Monitor: 3RD BONUS – Advertorials]


    ABS-CBN News puts “The Day in Photos, 14 February 2017” in the headlines including events which are of relevance as well on the day of Valentines. However, in the last picture of the slideshow, it shows “Candies or condoms” photo of a pro-life group selling to pedestrians. Specifically it says, “A woman sells a local brand of condoms…” Accordingly, in the photo, it also shows a standee poster of TRUST condoms. This is clearly a violation of the SPJ Code of Ethics which states that journalists should “distinguish news from advertising and shun hybrids that blur thelines between the two.” They did not label this specific photo as a sponsored content which is even included with the more “relevant” events that also happened on Valentines (i.e. Relief goods for Butuan City, Activist March, etc.)

  19. http://www.philstar.com/headlines/2017/02/21/1674294/burnt-rubber-crash-and-then-screams

    The title of the article “Burnt rubber, a crash and then screams” already sends a confusing meaning to the readers. According SPJ Code of Ethics, journalists should: “Make certain that headlines, news teases and promotional material,photos, video, audio,graphics, soundbites and quotations do not misrepresent. They should not oversimplify or highlight incidents out of context.”
    The screams, upon reading the whole article were from the passengers in the bus. It is a very simple story and a simple mistake of wording of the title which instead conveys that it was the burnt rubber that screamed.

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