Law on Mass Media 2018

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Law on Mass Media marichulambino
Objectives: After completing the course, students should be able to:
1.Explain basic concepts of constitutional law, crime and punishment, civil damage and injury, the concept of jurisdiction, the structure of the judiciary, the jurisdiction of each court, and the different kinds of actions: criminal and civil procedure, special civil actions
2.Assess the background, basis, and scope of the right to freedom of expression; the constitutional requisites of media ownership and management; the law and jurisprudence on the rights and privileges of media workers including: a.the right to freedom of information, b.the right not to be forced to disclose the source, c.the right to freedom from prior restraint, d.rights as media workers, e.intellectual property rights as content- creators
3.Analyze and explain the laws that limit freedom of expression including: libel, the Cybercrime Prevention Act, the individual’s right to privacy based on civil law and criminal law, the Anti-Voyeurism Act, the law on obscenity, laws on public order, the right of the accused to a fair trial and against prejudicial publicity
1.Right to freedom of information
2.Shield Law
(3.Right to freedom from prior restraint c/o the handling faculty)
4. Rights as media workers
5, Intellectual property rights as content- creators
Limits to rights
6.Libel, RPC
7.Online libel
8.Right to privacy (FB case)
9.Right to privacy: Anti-Voyeurism Act
10.Law on Obscenity
11.Laws on “Public Order”: inciting to rebellion, etc.
12. Right of the accused to a fair trial
INTRODUCTION to the course (get lecture notes from the department: 1.Introduction to the course 2.Structure of the judiciary. Lecture notes cannot be reproduced without the author’s permission)
I. Concepts of Law
A.The Constitution.
B. Statutes. ( examples: the Revised Penal Code; Civil Code; special laws)
C. Decisions of the Supreme Court (examples of different kinds of actions as background: criminal actions, civil cases, special civil actions: injunction cases: petition for certiorari and mandamus, petition for certiorari and prohibition, etc.)
II. How the Judicial Machinery Works
A.The Courts:
Concept of jurisdiction.
Structure of the Judiciary
Jurisdiction of each court: Metropolitan Trial Court, Regional Trial Court, Court of Appeals, Supreme Court.
B. Quasi-Judicial Bodies

(photo credits: From the U.P. archives, used here non-commercially for academic purposes)

10 thoughts on “Law on Mass Media 2018

  1. BA Broadcast Communication
    A Thousand Splendid Sun by Khaled Hosseini because it shows the struggle of Afghanistan and the people in it. It also shows their lives and different values. It makes you see a different perspective.
    Shape of Water is my favorite film because it’s very weird and alien but still it’s super relevant and heartwarming. I love the aesthetics and storyline as well as the musical score.
    Kara David because she asks fearless questions. She also has several lifestyle shows that I want to be a part of.
    Tokio Hotel is my favorite rock band because they helped me through a tough time with their music. They also write their own songs.
    Youtube Channel – The Philosophy of Life is my favorite channel because it makes me think about things more deeply and critically. It also gives me a new and realist perspective on life.
    Fried Chicken because it always sets me in a good mood!
    I love watching anime, writing, and singing (by myself). I also love to vlog and travel.


    Chosen Topic: Laws on Obscenity

  2. BA Journalism

    Favorite book/novel: Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. While it had many inaccuracies, the fictitious conspiracies, as well as the ambigrams in the book, intrigued me enough for it to be my favorite novel.

    Favorite film of all time: The Breakfast Club is my favorite film of all time. The sentiments and worries of the five characters in the film mirror my own even to this day, that’s why it is my favorite film.

    Favorite media practitioner of all time: Kara David-Cancio is my favorite media practitioner because of her style in journalism. I also aspire to work with her one day.

    Favorite song/music/band/songwriter of all time: My favorite song of all time is My Sacrifice by Creed because I associate it with my childhood memories. Every time I listen to this song I remember who I was and what my life was like as a kid.

    Favorite internet site:YouTube Channel – Serial Killers Documentaries. I enjoy watching the videos this channel uploads because I get to see, in my own leisure, some of the most notorious serial killers and why they did what they did. In general, I enjoy using YouTube more than any other internet site since I prefer watching random videos in my spare time.

    Favorite meal of all time: My favorite meal of all time is lunch, especially when roasted chicken with gravy and rice is being served. It never fails to make me feel happy and full.

    Hobbies: My hobbies are listening to music and people-watching.


    Chosen Topic: Shield Law

  3. BA Broadcast Communication

    Favorite book/novel: Percy Jackson series!!! It made me love Greek and Roman mythology.

    Favorite film of all time: A Dog’s Purpose! I really love dogs and it made me think how much unselfish dogs are.

    Favorite Media Practitioner: Marie Ann Los Banos, she was my professor in my BJ class and she made me realize the truths in our field.

    Favorite Song: You are the Reason by Calum Scott, it’s a song that I sung in a wedding and it has nice lyrics.
    Favorite Music: Ballads,they got me through hard times.
    Favorite Band: Seventeen, they are Kpop group consisting of 13 members and I love their charisma and their love for what they do.
    Favorite Songwriter: Ed Sheeran, I love all of his songs because his lyrics always bring me into another world.

    Favorite Internet Site: Youtube – Korean Variety Shows, because they make me happy.

    Favorite Meal of all time: Sinigang, because my father cooks the best Sinigang.


    Chosen Topic:Rights as media workers

  4. BA FILM
    The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas: A classic story of revenge, Gripping, adventurous and very exciting. I have read this book a lot of times already and I just can’t stop myself from reading until I finish the whole book!
    Batch 81 by Mike de Leon: One of the best Filipino films directed by one of the best Filipino directors. Batch 81 is a classic story about Sid Lucero, a college student who sees and eventually accepts fascism and abuse in the context of joining a college fraternity.
    Raymund Villanueva of Kodao Productions: Progressive, militant and a journalist for the people. Has been involved in alternative media since his college days as the editor in chief of The Bedan at San Beda College and continues to be a journalist until today.
    Autumn Leaves by Chet Baker: This popular jazz piece has a lot of versions and covers by different jazz artists, but for me Chet Baker stands out the most. Chet Baker’s vocals and sax tunes never fail to set a very relaxing, and calming mood.
    film4ever Instagram account: I love this Instagram account because they feature analog film cameras. There are a lot of Instagram accounts that feature this kind of content, but what makes this very interesting for me is the online shop is legit, owners are very friendly, won’t hesitate to teach you tips and tricks about film photography and they can give you discounts!
    Anything with cheese or beef is good. I also like grilled fish/chicken/pork combined with toyo, kalamansi, and white onions for sawsawan.
    Photo-walking either using film cameras or digital cameras. For one, it’s relaxing to walk while keeping a site for photo opportunities, and finally “immortalizing” the moment that you happen to stumble upon.

    CHOSEN TOPIC FOR REPORTING: Right to privacy: Anti-Voyeurism Act

  5. BA Communication Research

    favorite book or novel of all time: Love, Rosie (Cecilia Ahern) the plot is really unpredictable and realistic. It was a roller coaster of emotions.

    favorite film of all time: Her (2013) made me think about what it really is to be a human, the authenticity of emotions and the bounds and realities of love.

    favorite media practitioner of all time: I really admire Jessica Soho for her experience in the field and her dedication as a journalist.

    favorite song: Oceans by Hillsong got me through some really trying times. The song really reinforces my faith and lifts my spirits up every time I sing it.

    favorite internet site: Facebook (Buzzfeed Videos, Unsolved): Their contents are really varied and widely entertaining.

    favorite meal of all time: Ramen- something about the rich and creamy broth calms me and comforts me–like a warm blanket wrapped around me

    hobbies: reading books, wandering aimlessly

    Chosen Topic:Right to privacy (FB case)

  6. Broadcast Communication.

    Favorite book is The Little Prince because I am very childlike and the message of the book teaches us not to let go of our inner child (I am also a children’s rights advocate).

    My fave film is Paris is Burning, a documentary on the 1980’s New York underground ball scene where outcast queers got together to fight discrimination by building their own legacy.

    Shakira Sison is one of my favorite media practitioners because I look up to her as an opinion leader, especially with regards to LGBT issues in the Philippines.

    “Languyin” by Autotelic is my favorite song because it personally has so much meaning to me, as it was a very important song to me when I was still in a relationship.

    Twitter would probably be my favorite internet site because I enjoy blabbering online and this site is just the place for my random musings.

    My favorite meal is fried tilapia with rice because I like simple and easy to cook meals that remind me of home.

    My hobbies include drawing, swimming, writing, dancing, and going to outreaches.

    Chosen topic: Laws on “Public Order”

  7. BA Broadcast Communication
    Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulos – I read this book as a kid. Every time I read it, it changes meaning for me.
    I don’t have a favorite film of all time but I always watch The Big Sick when I feel gloomy. It’s a modern romance based on the main actor, Kumail Nanjiani, and the writer, Emily V. Gordon’s real life where she falls into a coma while they were dating. The film feels grounded and real. It’s a nice break from over-the-top choreographed cinematic romances.
    Conrado de Quiros – I read his opinion pieces on Inquirer as a high school student. He writes what he thinks, regardless of the status quo. His writing is sharp and witty.
    Ikaw ay Sapat by Musikang Bayan – It’s a love song in a time of political turmoil. It reminds me of some people I was fortunate enough to meet. Also, the lyrics are expressive and the melody feels like a warm hug, especially when played on an acoustic guitar. – a site hosting over four million works of fanfiction. The creators and users of this website have formed a supportive community encouraging readers to write. Additionally, I like that the website is open-source and easily navigable.
    Ultimate Noodles and Fried Rice Souffle with Sauce from North Park – Whenever I come home to Cavite, my family would dine at North Park and order this meal. Initially, I liked the food because of its taste and variety, but over time, I associated it with coming home and seeing my parents.
    Watching TV series and reading fiction novels
    Report topic: Online libel

  8. BA Speech Communication.

    I can’t remember the last time I’ve read a book so I really don’t have a favorite one. But I enjoyed reading books by Dan Brown before, specially the Robert Langdon series. He’s my mom’s favorite author, and I would always see her reading when I was young so I got curious and read them as well.

    My favorite movie as of now is The Blue Hour (2015) directed by Anucha Boonyawatana. I mainly love this because of the main actors, but I also really like the narrative and how melancholic everything is about this movie.

    I guess my favorite media practitioner would be Jessica Soho, because I grew up watching her and her TV shows.

    I’ve so many musicians that I really like, but I guess my favorites would be Lorde and Hozier. I love them because of the artistry they exhibit in the lyrics they write.

    My favorite site is GDH (Youtube Channel). Gross Domestic Happiness is a Thai film/entertainment studio. I love watching Thai TV series and this where I usually watch them.

    My favorite meal would be Buldak (Fire Noodles). I usually cook it with cream and melted and cheese. I really like spicy foods.

    My hobbies include photography, surfing through social networking sites, and playing MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games.


    Chosen topic: Right of the accused to a fair trial.

  9. BA FILM

    Favorite Book – The Joyluck Club
    I am not really into reading novel books but this book really made me want to finish it. It was a requirement in one of my subjects but I wanted to read it nonetheless. After this, I was not really able to read anymore as I prefer watching films rather than reading.

    Favorite Film – Saving Private Ryan
    I am a huge fan of Steven Spielberg’s films and also this was the first movie I was able to watch and understand when I was a child. This was the first film to give me that lump in my throat feeling and the fact that this was a magnificent film.

    Favorite Pracitioner – Steven Spielberg
    As I have said earlier, I am a fan of Spielberg’s films. I admire his art style when it comes to his films and his directing techniques.

    Favorite Band – Franco
    I am into a groovy heavy rock kind of music. Calming, soothing yet lively.

    Favorite Internet Site –
    I always watch independent films in this website, and also post some of my works here. Watching is free and you can share your own outputs as well for others to watch and criticize it molding you to a better director or filmmaker.

    Hobbies – Airsoft, Playing Music, uhh editing?
    Airsoft isn’t really an everyday usual sport, Its fun with lots of thrills and excitements.
    Music has been my friend since maybe the day I was born. I play in a band, my main instrument in the guitar but sometimes I play the drums depending on my bandmates.
    Editing, I was in gradeschool maybe since I started to learn editing. And of course, until this day I am still learning. I edit things for fun, vlogs, short films, music videos, etc.

    my link:
    My chosen topic: Intelectual Property Rights as Content-Creators

  10. BA Journalism
    Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series because it made me fall in love with mythology
    Four Sisters and a Wedding because it hit close to home and I tear up every time I watch it
    Kara David because of her fearless documentaries
    Spring Day by BTS because it made me feel things
    Twitter because it has become a platform of discourse and socially relevant information is always there
    Pizza because why not

    Chosen topic: Libel, PRC

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