Sec.FWX Media Monitor, 9th, here, deadline extended to Nov. 10

Sec.FWX Media Monitor, 9th, here, deadline extended to Nov. 10

       For Section FWX: The 9th Media Monitor of Section FWX can be posted here with the deadline extended to this Saturday, 5pm, November 10, 2018.

    Bonuses apply from the list of 14 topics (provided that no topic may be repeated by the same class member).
An energetic, revitalized week, everyone!

(Image credits: Photo from the U.P. archives, used here non-commercially for academic purposes)

3 thoughts on “Sec.FWX Media Monitor, 9th, here, deadline extended to Nov. 10

  1. Bonus: Advocacy

    The 2018 Magsaysay Awards feted filipino Ambassador Howard Dee for decades of humanitarian work for less fortunate Filipinos. He founded the Assisi Development Foundation in 1975 which has since helped more than 10 million filipinos, through roughly 4000 differing projects. From this foundation has sprouted numerous organizations; such as the Pamulaan Center in Davao which empowers indigenous communities through education, and ASA Philippines- a microfinancing institution that has assisted millions of pinoys in their finance needs with empathy. In his speech upon receiving the award, he notes that human institution such as democracy and national sovereignty are at risk- but that “we should not be afraid, for it is in darkness that lamps should be lit.”


  2. In hindsight, this coverage of Ompong by Saksi satisfies the provisions mandated by the CMFR ethics manual.

    The report did not place an uncalled and unnecessary emphasis on the part of the reporter, Emil Sumangil, who wore a jacket which is in-line with the context of his report. Throughout the news report, the camera of the team panned towards the trees in the background to demonstrate the strength of the wind. Similarly, there was a segment of the report wherein they had to play a video that was taken by the camera men before Emil went live to show how the winds tore the roof of their hotel.

    Moreover, questions regarding the electricity and the state of the line of communications were asked and consequently updated. This provided the audience and the viewers information that were critical in states of calamities. At the end of the report, the weather reporter/”station meteorologist” followed the report of Emil to define and describe the implications of suffering from a supertyphoon. This further provided context and warning for the audiences-viewers.
    “Saksi: Bagyong Ompong, nagpatumba ng mga puno at nanira ng mga signage” (October, 2018). Retrieved from

  3. 9th media monitor
    Regular: Uncredited Source

    ABS-CBN news published an article about Senator Tito Sotto’s support for Joey Ayala’s version of ‘Lupang Hinirang’ following Sotto’s suggestion to change the last line of the national anthem. ABS-CBN news promoted the said article on their twitter account using a picture that they illegally took from another publication. A twitter user named Chealsy Dale quoted the tweet and complained that ABS-CBN took the photo she took of Ayala for another publication without her permission. ABS-CBN did not even bother to mention her name to credit her for the photo they used. This is a clear violation of the provision in the Philippine Code of Ethics that states, “I shall resort only to fair and honest method in my effort to obtain news, photographs and/or documents. This is also violated the SPJ Code of Ethics provision that states that journalists must identify their sources clearly. ABS-CBN did not respond publicly to Dale’s tweet but they changed the photo attached in the article after a few days.

    Chealsy Dale’s tweet:

    Excuse me, but that’s my photo of Joey Ayala I took for another publication WHICH I WAS PAID FOR. It’s bad that you didn’t ask for my permission, even worse that I wasn’t credited at all. How hard is it to do that? To credit your sources? Y’all suck 👎😪— Chealsy Dale (@chealsydale) September 21, 2018

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