tap the play arrow (if on mobile device, click “Listen in browser”) on the soundcloud pod below for today’s meditative wellness theme … like so …

   Ikaw at Ako (You and Me) by Johnoy Danao



For students who are looking for their exercises this week and do not want to scroll down: Here are the links:

Graduate Students Deadline Feb. 14 at:


     Ethics Class, Deadline Feb. 16 at:


      J101 Class, Deadline Feb. 16 at:


     Law on Mass Media Class, Deadline Feb. 20 at:


Cotton and Khrysta (android-shot two hours ago, after Cotton, on cue when the Chancellor talked about the U.P. Diliman wellness program,  walked to the Chancellor onstage then sat looking at him beneath kleig lights while the Chancellor delivered his message at tonight’s Lakad-Gunita launch.).

      In the daytime, Cotton goes to the Quezon Hall grounds (University administration building grounds), then at the end of the day, he goes to the U.P. College of Mass Communication grounds. (don’t ask me why — that’s his routine).             

      Students, faculty, and staff  who have frazzled nerves from work, deadlines, and requirements find him soothing and friendly.

    And so, the Chancellor, as part of one of his groundbreaking initiatives, the “Wellness and Stress-Reduction Program” of U.P. Diliman, enlisted  fitness specialists, wellness therapists, guidance counselors, and yes, Cotton.

      You can see him welcoming you in his new maroon or violet collar as part of the wellness team.

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