ETHICS The 4th Media Monitor (additional bonus topic on women)  Deadline Friday March 8, 2018 at 5pm
       The fourth media monitor can be posted here, regular or bonus, with the same instructions (see previous posts), with deadline on Friday, March 8, 2018 at 5pm.

  On occasion of Women’s Month, the following bonus topic is being added to the list: A review of media content on women’s issues using the provisions of the code of ethics.(Please use the Bonus Title: Women). Class members may choose any bonus topic from the list of more than a dozen bonus topics,  provided that no class member may use the same bonus topic twice. 

(as stated, if the post is being submitted under the Bonus category, pls indicate in the title “Bonus”, then indicate the Bonus Title as stated in the list provided. Tnx.)

14 thoughts on “ETHICS The 4th Media Monitor (additional bonus topic on women) Deadline March 8



    “MANILA, Philippines – Born Beautiful, the upcoming sequel to the acclaimed 2017 film Die Beautiful, received an R-18 rating from the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB).”

    Last meeting, we discussed the criteria for MTRCB ratings. From General Audiences up to the highest rating which is Restricted-18. The R-18 rating is the highest restriction given to any film that is still allowed for public exhibition and anything beyond this will be given an X rating in which it is banned from being shown to public audiences. For Born Beautiful, having a Restricted – 18 rating means that the theme and language do not have limitation while the sex, nudity, horror, gore and drugs still has limitation but only to a certain amount. But then again, if prolonged sex, nudity, horror and gore scenes are present, it must always be justified by the narrative and must remain in context of the film.

  2. [4th Media Monitor – Regular]

    BI arrests Russian fugitive wanted for fraud released a news report about a Russian national who was arrested for being wanted by courts in Russia. According to the news report, he was wanted for large-scale crimes by deceiving people into giving him their properties.

    The news report also cited the Russian national’s previous transgressions when he killed a green sea turtle in a marine sanctuary. It appears that the report is determined to show the bad side of the arrested Russian national.

    But further scrunity of the news report reveal that the news report is solely based on the statements of the Bureau of Immigration (BI). It also appears that there were no attempts to hear the statement of the Russian national.

    According to the SPJ Code of Ethics, it is important to “diligently seek subjects of news coverage to allow them to respond to criticism or allegations of wrongdoing.” While there are, indeed, records of the Russian national’s misdemeanors, it is still essential to afford him the right to give his statements.

    The news report can be found here:

    Duterte signs law expanding maternity leave to 105 days – February 21 2019

    Last Feb 20, Duterte signed a law extending paid maternity leave from 60 days to 105 days. This law will allow working mothers to extend their leave for as much as 30 days, whereas single mothers can have 15 days additional paid leave. Many politicians, especially the women celebrated the passing of the law. The article also talked about how discrimination will not be tolerated in the workplace.

    The article generally followed the code of conduct. The image used for the article did not misinterpret anything and was not manipulated. Necessary information was provided, the name of the law, when it was signed, and the important details needed to know about it. Comments about the signing were given by the article as well, by providing direct quotations of the politicians as well as translations. I like how they also added their twitter thread on the article itself to provide the audience more avenues to gain access of the information in a more instant and easy way.

  4. Media Monitor 4
    Bonus Title: WOMEN


    Paggalang sa mga babae, ipinanawagan. [From: Eagle News (NET25 News Program)]

    The link above is a video posted in Youtube on 04 March 2019 from Eagle News, the official news program of NET25. The segment showcased the Safe Streets and Public Spaces Act of 2017 and its promotion during this Women’s Month through the event of the campaign “Maginoo is the New Macho.” The video presented Senator Risa Hontiveros, the primary author of the bill who spearheaded the campaign, and multiple political groups as they supported the said campaign. It focuses on the call for the stop of street harassment and catcalling by eliminating the traditional “macho” stereotype and reinforcing the “maginoo” Filipino who respects women’s rights. The broadcast itself did not violate most of the provisions from the KBP, SPJ, and Journalists’ Code of Ethics by using exact statements of the parties involved in the event as well as citing verified contents of the Senate Bill itself. The report was objective and did not show any clear biases towards or against women. However, the segment was not mindful in minimizing harm as per the SPJ code of ethics. The report was poorly written. Its content was repetitious, and some terms used in the broadcast might be viewed as derogatory. Some of these terms are the use of “ito” or “’to”, a term used to refer to objects, when referring to “kababaihan” or women; and the reduction of catcalling and harassment to simply a “sipol” that can only be experienced by individuals viewed as “sexy at maganda.” The reporting was insensitive as a major societal issue was disrespectfully reduced without explaining its context and societal importance. The title of the report was also problematic as it framed the segment to be only for women when the content of the clip was obviously framed as a protection of the general public – women, LGBT+, and men alike. Though most provisions of the code of ethics were followed, there was a violation in minimizing harm and the report was poorly executed.

  5. Media Monitor 4
    Bonus Title: Women

    International group helps mothers on teaching children sexuality and reproductive health

    On March 6, 2019, Manila Bulletin published an article about Save the Children Philippines, a group advocating to help mothers communicate with their children better about their sexuality and reproductive health. According to them, the initiative came about with the alarming increase of teenage pregnancy cases.

    The article is pretty straightforward. It discusses the advocacies of Save the Children Philippines. There are no major lapses on the article. However, it is noteworthy to look at a particular part of the article: “Nora said the project improved parents’ knowledge of sexuality and reproductive health by at least 31 per cent.” The article did not mention where this data came from, other than it was a statement from Dr. Miel Nora. According to the SPJ Code of Ethics, sources must be clearly identified. Nora did not mention if the 31% came from a reliable statistics site, or if it was measured accurately.

    Manila Bulletin should be vigilant with these kinds of statements. They should have specified where the data came from.

  6. 4th Media Monitor- Regular Post

    Bong Go assures public no gov’t funds used in campaign


    This article presents Bong Go’s side on the previous statement made by Gary Alejano accusing him and DILG of using local government funds for Go’s national campaign. Alejano claims that DILG gave barangay officials permission to use local funds for campaign materials bearing Go’s name which was distributed during the Liga ng mga Barangay sa Pilipinas National Assembly held in Manila.

    The news article also got DILG Secretary Eduardo Año to speak for his department and deny the allegations.

    This practice is consistent with a provision in the SPJ Code of Ethics saying that journalists should “diligently seek subjects of news coverage to allow them to respond to criticism or allegations of wrongdoing.”

  7. MEDIA MONITOR 4 – Bonus
    QCPD chief encourages women to report catcalling incidents

    The article is about the QCPD chief encouraging women to report catcalling incidents in Quezon City, published by Manila Bulletin last March 4, 2019. Quezon City Police District (QCPD) director, Police Brigadier General Joselito Esquivel Jr. made the statement after a construction worker was arrested after he whistled and asked personal questions to a 22-year-old communications manager who reported the incident to the police. The journalist who wrote the article was able to quote the director’s statement and included important information such as the hotline number where victims may call when they experience the same incident. The article has followed the SPJ Code of Ethics. It has also served as an encouragement to women that cases of catcalling must be reported so people who do so will learn their lesson.

  8. 4th Media Monitor: Bonus – Women

    Women urged to demand poll bets to address women’s issues

    The article focuses on a statement made by the Center for Women’s Resources where the research and training organization called on female voters to be more critical in supporting candidates in the upcoming election.

    As it was published during the celebration of the International Women’s Day, the article succeeded in reporting about women’s issues from the viewpoint of a reputable women’s organization. It also made sure that CWR was quoted for every opinion or statistical claim that they’ve made. However, the article failed to provide government response to CWR’s tirades against the “unabated misogynist and sexist attacks of the president and his minions” especially considering that Presidential Spokesman Salvador Panelo has already issued statements of clarification on the mentioned misogynist incidents and remarks.

  9. BONUS TITLE: Women

    Various women’s alliances such as Gabriela, Akbayan Women, Pilipina, Babae Ako, and EveryWoman led a collective action against misogyny at the La Madre Filipina statue in Rizal Park. With the call, “Tama na! Sulong Kababaihan!” these women’s groups denounced the misogynistic behavior and rape jokes propagated not only by the President but by many in his administration. The groups wanted to unite people regardless of gender, age, and social class in condemning gender inequality that women continue to suffer from up to this day. Detained senator Leila De Lima sent her solidarity message, saying that their fight for equality is on the right track but they have a long way to go.

  10. 4th Media Monitor(my first post)
    Bonus Topic – Women

    In the article above, President Duterte released a statement in solidarity with International Women’s day. The article only primarily serves to detail the contents of the statement but in the opening paragraph recognizes the controversy which surrounds his treatment of women which writes “a self confessed womanizer and is criticized for being sexist” but fails to get the statements of organizations or point-people that serve to represent women. In this light, it does not comply to the SPJ provision which states “Give voice to the voiceless; official and unofficial sources of information can be
    equally valid” as the article’s contents is a mete statement by a president that contradicts his own statement. Giving the reaction of groups that represent women would have resulted in a holistic take on the issue given the context of who said it and what was said.

  11. 4th Media Monitor: Bonus – Women
    Link to the article:

    On the 3rd of March 2019, ABS-CBN News published an article on the arrest of a construction worker in Quezon City after catcalling a woman. The victim, who just happened to be playing with her dogs outside her house, was approached by the construction worker and was maliciously asked questions. The news article is a true and an accurate reportage and did not violate the SPJ’s Code of Ethics. However, it would have been better if context was provided. The news report seems to be oversimplified basing on its length and sentence structure. Also, statistics on catcalling and other forms of harassment against women could have been included to make readers more aware of its prevalence.

  12. 4th Media Monitor : Regular
    NBI, BIR agents seize P60M worth fake cigarettes in CDO

    In this article, it well detailed the findings of a raid on fake cigarettes that amounted to about 60 Million Pesos. This does not violate any SPJ code of ethics, but rather is a good case on writing that gives context about similar happenings in the area therefore give more details and a broader understanding of the political climate in question.

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